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Today’s article is dedicated to slip on dresses and how to wear them now. This garment is a woman’s dress that looks like undergarment or petticoat. It is traditionally complemented with spaghetti straps, with lace and sheer elements. This trend takes over the streets of big cities and I definitely recommend to give it a try. But why do women wear a slip dress, doesn’t it looks too perverse? Originally slip was used to wear as an undergarment beneath a dress or skirt, so everything fits smoothly, but in today’s life designers decided to give the second LIFE to all pajamas and slipdresses by making them basic wear in woman’s wardrobe. So, what are you waiting for, let’s have a look at some of the best ways how to wear this sexy clothing staple in real life.

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A slipdress can be worn in different ways, it’s pretty much the same as wearing any other dress. You can do a funky grunge look by styling your frock with a shirt tied around your waist. A shirt can be either denim blue one or a well-known plaid shirt. A chambray and flannel will give you a special grunge touch. This simple look can be complemented with a shoulder bag in solid neutral color and chic ankle boots. If you want to wear slipdress to a fancy dinner, then you can either cover it with a smart blazer or a soft open sweater.

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I am pretty sure, everyone’s dreaming of a slip dress. It looks sexy by itself, but, frankly speaking, we rarely wear it by itself. Most of the times we see it under cool layers and cool footwear. It’s understandable, as we don’t want to look like we are into lingerie or something. No matter if it’s a silky, lace, or any other fabric made slipdress, it goes with numerous of clothes. slip lends itself to layering, so why don’t you add a finely knit polo neck underneath this dress? This is a perfect alternative for wearing additional clothes over it. If you layer clothes underneath, then I can guarantee, you are going to look less provocative. Now, speaking of your new slip length, don’t buy too short version, otherwise, you gonna look like you came looking for a bed. A floor-length looks damn hot, but it doesn’t work for the majority. The best length so far is a midi or knee-length. I personally love vintage designs in knee length. They come with a clean silhouette and minimal lace trimming.

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Like it or not, but slipdresses require hard and soft combinations. Slips look great with wool, leather, and suede. In real life, slips are pretty much easy to wear. From layering it over a shirt or pairing with simple heels and T-shirts underneath, you can go from casual to more luxe and fancier looks. During chilly days you can update your favorite dress with a long cardigan made of chunky knits and with combat boots. The footwear is a finishing touch that can either make or break the whole look, that’s why heels can make you look sexier and dressy, while combat boots and ankle boots are for keeping things more laid back and easy.

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I personally don’t like showing off too much of my skin, that’s why I opt for super 1990’s inspired outfits, all I need to do is to layer my slip dress over a simple T-shirt. Looks casual and pretty simple. So, once again, slipdresses can be layered with shirts, they look great with minimal accessories, you can simply tie a shirt around the waist, go for an open cardigan, layer a cool leather jacket, keep things boyish with Birks and oversized blazer, or complement your style with a wide brim hat and classic coat.

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This style can be considered to be an IT thing. It can be worn as a grunge glam uniform, sexy evening outfit, or a casual laid-back basic. I love it for a kind of seductive and damn sophisticated appearance. It looks effortlessly cool with high heels, strappy sandals or lace-up stilettos. But I know women who complement their slipdresses with flat sandals, gladiators or simple flat pumps. But you are free to try on a grunge-inspired outfit by adding flannels, leather and biker boots. So, would you like to try this dress next week? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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