Women’s Hats Obsession In 2018

Whatever you wear, just keep your hat on! You got me right, this time we are here to talk about fedora hats and styles you all should give a try in 2018. I call it women’s hats obsession and there is a reason why. No outfit is complete without a cool hat, no matter if it’s a fedora, floppy, cap or beanie. This accessory is double F: functional and fashionable. So, what are you waiting for, give it a try this year and see how this accessory will improve your overall style.

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Fedora hats look retro-inspired, but still, there are lots of ways how to make it appear modern and creative. Yes, we all are into more sporty, grunge head covers, like beanies and caps, but I do recommend to take a risk and see yourself in the mirror wearing one of these colorful hats. I did say, this hat looks kind of retro-inspired touch, as you are wearing 1940’s or 1950’s inspired design. The trick is to make sure you mix it up with the right clothes. Keep the balance and see how things go with the rest of your outfit. Wear this stylish headwear with streamlined and classy clothes. Use it for work, going outs and weekends, as well for bad hair days. Trust me, once you know how this hat works with your clothes, you gonna forget about wearing it as something unusual. This accessory will super easily adapt into your outfit.All you need is to throw this hat on and go where you have to. I do like the versatility of this hat, it can look boho inspired, vintage, modern and creative. Anyway, if you need some street style inspiration, see some of my favorite ideas below.

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