Women’s Best Shoes For Summer 2018

It’s all about the shoes. Hell yeah, this time we are going to see incredible outfit ideas you all can recreate with your favorite footwear next Summer 2018. I am talking about all kind of cool must-try designs, including gladiator sandals, our beloved sneakers, chunky shoes, espadrilles, sexy stilettos, lace-up sandals, as well as mules, Birks, cut-out boots and ankle strap sandals. Each one of these gorgeous styles is a must try this year, so why don’t you take a close-up look through these incredible street style pics and find your favorite look to copy.

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Girls best friends are not only diamonds but also shoes. Sure, there will always be fabulous styles to buy, but in today’s article, I want to underline 10 best footwear designs you better give a try this 2018. I am telling you if you are going to buy at least a pair of one of these shoes, then you gonna look super trendy. Each one of these styles come with different color, textures, and design.

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Of course, women want to spend much, buying as many shoes pairs as they can! No one wants to be bankrupted, that’s why you are free to choose one of these 10 must-tries. All these styles are in, that’s why you shouldn’t worry about looking old fashioned. Plus, most of these footwear styles are incredibly comfortable, so you are free to wear them almost anywhere you want. Anyway, the first style I want to talk about is called sneakers. Yes, yes! You got me right. They are everywhere right now and we all are so in love with each one of these designs. Why? You are free to wear them with anything, starting from sporty attire, pencil skirts, midi dresses to sequined frocks and even pantsuits. We still experience that special pressure from athleisure. This year I recommend to give a try to white kicks with thick soles, they are gonna make you look bright, cool and fresh.

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My next stop is gladiator sandals. No, we are not talking about Sparta, but that kind of ancient touch and Greek style can be felt in this footwear. These sandals come with thick soles or thin. You can buy the ones with thousands of straps till your knee, caged or ankle length designs. Gladiator sandals are the ones in which you can walk for miles without any discomfort. Look for black, nude or white ones to make an impression! My next stop for a sexy spot is espadrilles. These are truly summer shoes for ladies who want to keep things relaxed, comfy and functional. I love espadrilles for their unisex look. Yes, you are free to wear them with skirts, pants, jeans, and dresses. If you are more into a sophisticated look, then go for chunky shoes. It’s like marrying 1990’s with 1970’s fashion. The influence is strong and makes you look boho chic. Go for chunky heeled sandals with big square heels and neutral color. Yes, they are ugly but so special.

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The 100 % contrast to ugly shoes are stilettos. Sure, they are made for special Summer events, I don’t recommend using them for long walks. These shoes are made for grabbing everyone’s attention! They can literally make absolutely any outfit look trendy. Next to stilettos are lace-up sandals. These shoes are made for parties and luxe events. They are sexy, ladylike and easy to style. Not into the sexy look? Go for mules. They might seem to look ugly at first sight, but I am telling you, if you wear mules ones, you will wear them again and again! They are comfy and sweet looking. Speaking of ugly shoes, then you definitely should give a try to Birkenstocks. Birks are nerd looking, but practical and ideal for relaxed weekends. If you are in search of shoes to wear in your everyday life during Summer months, then go for ankle strap sandals. They go with completely anything and easily make you look special and sophisticated. The last, but certainly not least are cut-out boots. They might look rock and roll, chunky, edgy and grungy, but the look is absolutely must-try! Rock them with boyfriend style outfits.

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