Wide Leg Pants Are Popular Again

I decided to share with you a comeback trend that is going to hit the streets this year. Yes, I am talking about wide-leg pants that will make you look like a real diva! How did it happen so that this type of bottoms is back in fashion? Well, next year is all about looking classy and elegant, that’s why wide-leg trousers are back. Today I am here to show you several ideas and tips on how to make these pants look stylish and special.

Wide Leg Pants Outfits 2018 (1)

I would say these trousers are must-haves in every woman’s wardrobe, but they are pretty individual. I mean, they are not skinnies, you either love them or hate them. I love to see women who choose high-waist wide-leg trousers, as they make their legs appear longer. Longer legs look is a wish of every woman, unless you are a supermodel. By the way, high-rise wide-leg trousers teamed with a matching color or print top will create a taller silhouette, making you leaner and sophisticated. I am 100% sure there will be no problem for you to find the right wide-leg trousers, as they can be found in different colors, and styles. These bottoms are versatile and can go with different tops, starting from fitted to baggy and loose-fitted. If you want to try on a fitted style, then you definitely should go for a neutral colored slim blouse, or a button-down shirt, both work best for the office environment. If you want to create a night-out look, then be sure to try on a crop top or some kind of fancy blouse. If you want to wear a loose-fit top, then be ready to tuck it inside trousers, this trick will underline your waistline and keep your silhouette look ladylike. Speaking of shoes, then I suggest wearing heels, as they will prevent from stepping on trousers (wide-leg pants often hit the ground). I suggest to try on cropped wide-leg pants, they also can be found in various colors and prints. They look awesome combined with heels. Anyway, take a close-up look through my favorite street style pics to find the one and the only outfit you want to copy.

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