What Kind Of Skirts To Wear Next Spring

It’s me with another interesting blog post to share with you. Today I want to bring to your attention jaw-dropping skirts that are going to rock next Spring. We live in an amazing century, where we face the clash of different styles, decades with so many designers offering us futuristic 1960’s and 1970’s inspired fashion clothing. The warm weather comes with so many beautiful looks and I am pretty sure many of you want to bare their legs during Spring days. So, why don’t you give a try to one of these skirts, no matter if it’s a maxi, midi, short, denim, leather or printed version? This year we see sweet skirt designs made of light fabrics with eye-catching cuts and waistlines. So, what would you try on next Spring?

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All is in, right? Next year is going to be full of wild and sexy garments. We see a massive mainstream of different styles, that’s why I decided to share with you some of the best versions you definitely should give a try. You can find lots of button-front skirts made of denim or suede, lots of sexy minis, printed versions, midi length designs, loose and sexy retro must-tries, A-line cuts, where each one of them can be easily teamed with sneakers, pumps or sandals. So, the first style that popped in my mind is the maxi skirt. This eye-catching style goes with everything. I love to see them in super fluid fabrics and prints. Many ladies ask me what kind of shoes to wear with maxi skirts, what tops to wear them with, how to wear them casually and how to wear long skirts without looking frumpy. My answers are the following: there is no restriction on shoes, just make sure that the color ideally matches the skirt, you can go for relaxed or skin tight tops, but don’t make things look too much oversized on you. I do like to see women who manage to wear maxi skirts with crop tops. If you want to wear maxi casually, then you can team it with a sporty jacket and cool sneakers.

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Next skirt style is a midi design. I see many women asking me on how to wear such skirts casually, what boots to wear with midis, how to rock pencil midi skirts to work and how to wear midis with flats. Midis look versatile, and I think they are practical than maxi skirts. I do like to see ladies in midi pencil skirts, this might be a style perfection to underline your uniqueness. You can definitely give a try to flared, A-line and retro inspired midi skirts. I recommend to go for a midi pleated skirt or keep things casual with a midi denim skirt. Those of you who want to underline their sophistication, then you should go for a see-through midi skirt, suede midi pencil skirt or the one in a full silhouette. Midi skirts can be paired with ankle boots or with military boots that can make its wearer look edgier and grungier. I recommend starting from sneakers, flat gladiator sandals if you want to pair the midi skirt with flat shoes. Midi pencil skirt for work can be complemented with a crispy white button-down shirt. Complete this combo with a simply fitted blazer. Printed skirts have a major moment in the fashion industry right now. You can find women on the streets wearing maxi printed skirts, printed skirts with crop tops and my favorite floral print skirts teamed with classic neutral color shirts. Skirts with slits is a definition of a sex! The details of such a skirt will amaze every man around you. Belive me, nobody gives a damn if you have a tiny slit or an uber hot high slit, the slit is a slit! Today’s fashion brings cool designs with side slits, in the middle of the skirt and high slits on both sides. The result looks blowy and flowy! This kind of skirts looks chic, feminine and modern inspired. You can try on a pencil skirt with a slit for work, just make sure it’s long enough and the cut isn’t too high!

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My next favorite skirt to wear next spring is the fluid skirt or a skirt with pleats. They both are irresistibly cool and worth to wear on the streets and special events. Just imagine yourself in one of these fluid spring skirts with a side slit teamed with a lightweight blouse or a printed top. If you are not into a fluid look, then you can go for a pleated skirt, it can be either short, midi or long. Pleats can make you appear creative and somewhat free and open-minded. Next stop is a mini skirt. They are always in, no matter what trends are popular right now. You can give a try to denim or leather mini skirt, it’s up to you! The casual touch makes them versatile and easy to style. You can find both styles in fluid silhouettes, prints, A-line cuts, etc. Speaking of denim skirts, then fashion offers not only mini styles but also pencil, midi, and long denim skirts. This trend is pretty massive nowadays! I love denim for its timeless, proper and retro-inspired look.

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