What Is Trending In Jeans Fashion

Today’s topic is dedicated to my favorite Jeans are considered to be the basic element of woman’s wardrobe, that’s why it’s no wonder why we see so many amazing styles, cuts, and colors everywhere around. This year we see a comeback of slim jeans in classic blue washes, regular fit denim bottoms, classic skinnies with big rips and tears, boho-inspired flares, as well as beautiful frayed styles. In other words saying, classic fit jeans are still popular and they are not going anywhere, so take them out from your closet to pair with your favorite tops, knitwear, and jackets. I recommend to keep your outfit classic and choose jeans in blue or dark blue colors.

This might be a quite predictable trend, but it’s important to find denim that will ideally suit your body. The fit plays one of the major roles in creating a perfect look with jeans. I would definitely recommend you to try boyfriend jeans. The fit is baggy, but the overall look is creative and individual. Try these with a simple T-shirt and cool sneakers to underline your casual spirit, or with a button-down shirt and high heels to make things look more glamor. I highly recommend keeping things simple without complicating your look. Another pair of jeans that drive many girls and women crazy is called skinnies. This denim fits ladies with slim bodies who want to show off their beautiful silhouette and legs. If you are more into classics, then you definitely should give a try to regular fit jeans. This denim ideally suits women with almost any body shape, no matter if you are skinny or fat. I love the ones with high-rise fit, but you can try mid or low-rise styles. Use them for casual street walks or for working hours.

Here we see a nice pair of black skinny jeans. It ideally matches this cozy top. By the way have a look at some of the best new ways how to wear skinny jeans:

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