What Colors To Wear Next Spring 2018

You are free to wear whatever colors you like, but those of you who want to look trendy should take a close-up look at these street style images and see what colors are going to be popular next Spring 2018. Blue, green, orange, white or black, they are all in next year. If you are a beginner to this color craziness, then I advise you to start from black. Then you can add some white touches to brighten up your outfit. Below are shown some of the cool ideas you can try on next season. Have a look and let me know your thoughts. I am so in love with this incredible explosion of colors. I do like to take risks and experiment with different hues.

Nude or beige is the color of our skin which underlines the beauty of our life. It will underline the luxe and comfiness of its wearer. Nude color for sure matches your skin tone. It can be easily mixed and matched with other colors.

If you want to look fresh and sweet, then go for orange. It so fun to experiment with this color. When I see orange, I automatically start to think of sports. Yes, most brands use this color for its activewear clothing lines. But you can choose clothes which look more fun, flirty and casual.

You gonna love purple and fuchsia! They both come from the 80’s, but next year they gonna rock the streets. Think of purple coats, dangling pink earrings, bright fuchsia pantsuits. They are back and you better know how to style things right. Purple has a kind of royal touch that makes its wearer look very special. Fuchsia is a bright color that makes a vibrant appearance. It can hurt your eyes, but it does make a wow effect.

Keep it fiery chic with RED color! It’s powerful and makes its wearer look confident and sexy. I would say, red clothes tend to look sophisticated and refined at the same time. It works for every style and skin color. No matter if you choose to wear red clothes or simply go for accessories or shoes, it does look awesome.

White is like the black color, it’s neutral and bright. It’s no secret to anyone, white outfits look fresh, rich and sophisticated. Yes, it can easily get dirty, but you will get used to it. White can be combined with pretty much any color.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention black color. During those days, when you have nothing to wear, BLACK comes in as a Superman! It will make you look cool, comfy, sexy and chic! I personally find it to be very easy to wear.

Go for all blue outfit! It can be a dark hue, like navy, or cobalt royal blue. I personally started my blue addiction with pastel blue. Sure, you can start from accessories, but I do recommend to go for a blue dress and complete it with black or white accessories.

How about some green shades in your life? Next 2018 is full of khaki colors. The military touch is everywhere right now, so why don’t you try some green shades on yourself? Some say green is a daring color, I recommend to start from khakis. Sure, it’s not everyone’s piece of cake, but it does look cool in Spring time.

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