What Clothes to Wear With Oxford Shoes

You definitely want to change your look and might try something new, right? In this article, I want to share with you interesting ways how to wear Oxford shoes in real life and what clothes you can pair them with. I personally think Oxfords look kind cute. If you take a close up look at the images of fashionistas during their walks on the town, you will find plenty of inspirational ideas on how to wear this footwear in real life.

Oxfords Shoes For Women (11)

This footwear is a really great option for cold season weather, as they keep your feet covered up. They look classy and chicer than sneakers. I personally think that Oxford shoes make their wearer look preppy and sophisticated. Trust me, once you buy a pair you like, you will find how versatile these shoes can be. If you still have trouble figuring out what to wear with these pretty shoes, here are style tips on how to wear oxfords in real life. If you have never tried Oxfords before, then you might think they look pretty mannish, but you can notice that oxfords look awesome with pretty much everything, starting from dresses to skirts. The best thing about these shoes is that you can try both feminine and mannish outfits. I gathered chic outfit ideas that look amazing with oxfords. Take a close-up look at these combinations and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

You can either go for a feminine white dress and complement it with buckled black Oxfords or keep it mannish with a bright blue pantsuit styled with a white shirt and color-blocking oxfords:

Oxfords Shoes For Women (1)

I do love to see women in bright shoes, that’s why I adore seeing this lady in a black pantsuit complemented with a pair of gold oxfords. You can also have fun with white oxfords worn with blue-white skinnies and gray wool coat:

Oxfords Shoes For Women (2)

Some women keep things simple. You are free to try on a lightweight white blouse and half-tuck it inside black skinny jeans completed with brown leather oxfords. Or keep things Tomboyish by wearing a black leather jacket with white shirt, black skinnies, and camel brown oxfords. I also like to see ladies in white long-sleeve tops tucked in black leather skirts completed with white oxfords:

Oxfords Shoes For Women (3)

A cream blush trench coat ideally suits light blue skinnies completed with cream-white oxfords. Shiny silver metallic oxfords can be paired with office-friendly basics, like a white blouse and black trousers:

Oxfords Shoes For Women (4)

Have fun with experiments. Go for a midi black leather skirt and pair it with dark blue pullover and a knitted charcoal bomber jacket:

Oxfords Shoes For Women (5)

All in black look consisting of a blazer, sweater, and skinny jeans can be freshened up with white oxfords. If you want to underline your uniqueness, then go for a leopard print jacket, bulky black scarf, and shiny black leather oxfords:

Oxfords Shoes For Women (6)

Even double denim look can be complemented with silver metallic oxfords:

Oxfords Shoes For Women (7)

Metallic shoes look pretty cool with black leather skinny pants and cream white blazer:

Oxfords Shoes For Women (8)

Oxfords Shoes For Women (9)

Oxfords Shoes For Women (10)

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