Weekend Beachwear Essentials

Today’s article is dedicated to our favorite season called SUMMER. I am here to talk about weekend beach essentials you all need to have during your sunbaths. I am talking about a spacious beach bag, like a straw tote bag, flip-flops, beachwear separates (it can be shorts and simple tee, sundress, playsuit/romper) a nice swimsuit, beach towel, kimono, sunhat, sunglasses, don’t forget to add before and after sunbaths lotion, it’s an essential must-have! In other words, all these items are beach essentials for the perfect beach day.

Beach Outfit Inspiration (1)

Have fun during your stay by the beach. How about doing some sports? playing volleyball, maybe? Go for this light pink one-piece swimsuit. Cover it with a denim shirt if you feel a bit chilly.

No, this is not a post with a list of must-haves, this is an inspirational blog post, where are depicted all the Summer essentials I usually wear on my way to the beach. Sure, there are some essentials you can’t be without, but I advise you to be less organized and be more chaotic, that’s how I made friends with one guy, as I didn’t take sun lotion with me, so I had to kindly ask one young man to borrow it. Anyway, I am here to show you simple ideas what you can take with you during the beach weekends. Never pack too much, and never leave essentials at home, dig it? I really hope these simple tips will make your weekend! Look at these images and tell me what you think is an essential piece during your stay at the beach.

Yes, one color trend is always win-win look! Go for white bikini set with black outlines and cover your head with a nice white panama hat:

Beach Outfit Inspiration (2)

Feeling Baywatch inspired? Go for this light red swimsuit and complete it with mirrored blue sunglasses:

Beach Outfit Inspiration (3)

Denim cut-offs with frayed hem look awesome complemented with a wide-brim sunhat:

Beach Outfit Inspiration (4)

Have fun with a black bikini set. Wear it with a white tee and black cut-offs during your way to the beach. Add straw fedora hat and striped towel:

Beach Outfit Inspiration (5)

A crochet bikini is always a good idea. Add rounded sunglasses and straw hat with wide brim:

Beach Outfit Inspiration (6)

White panama hat is a perfect savior during hot Summer days. Add bandeau bikini set to complete this look. Love the baby blue color of this bikini:

Beach Outfit Inspiration (7)

A kind of retro touch is felt in this bikini set which consists of matching printed separates, bandeau bikini top, and high-waisted bottoms. Add fuchsia hat to complete this look:

Beach Outfit Inspiration (8)

Have fun with a one-piece swimsuit. You can go either for a blue-white striped swimsuit or light red one-piece bikini. Add cream-brown slides and white straw sunhat:

Beach Outfit Inspiration (9)

White lace maxi robe looks incredibly sexy over a white bikini. Add mirrored sunglasses and panama hat:

Beach Outfit Inspiration (10)

Beach Outfit Inspiration (11)

This Beach dress looks lightweight and unbelievably chic:

Beach Outfit Inspiration (12)

Classics never die! Go for black bikini set to underline your beauty:

Beach Outfit Inspiration (13)

Before stepping on beach sand, give a try to this black-white striped T-dress. Add aviator sunglasses, white trainers and black leather handbag:

Beach Outfit Inspiration (14)

What’s in your beach bag? There are all beach essentials for a perfect weekend:

Beach Outfit Inspiration (15)

A mismatched bikini set (white bandeau bikini top and black-white striped bottoms), Birkenstock sandals, black brimmed hat and ripped denim shorts. Add sun lotion and black Wayfarers:

Beach Outfit Inspiration (16)

An ideal white gown for evening beach walks:

Beach Outfit Inspiration (17)

One-piece swimsuit in white color and green jungle print:

Beach Outfit Inspiration (18)

Use this yellow sunhat to hide from the sunrays:

Beach Outfit Inspiration (19)

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