Versatility Of Shirts For Women

Let’s talk about shirts. This time I want to bring to your attention stylish shirts that can be dressed up and down in any way you like next year. In term of shirts, it’s not about trends, but finding the one you can match with your clothes and style. Trust me, finding the one and only shirt can make you stand out from the crowd, no matter if you are going to wear it on the streets or on special occasions. It goes with absolutely everything, starting from skirts to trousers and shorts. You can make it look casual, smart, sporty, grungy or festive, all you need is to pair it with appropriate clothing and accessories.

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Speaking of shirts, there are the ones you must-have in your closet and the ones you can wear occasionally to parties and in your everyday life. A must-have is a white shirt. It is like LBD, you just need a classic white one that can be worn to formal events and special occasions. But there are also festive tops, casual and relaxed styles, slim and fitted, boyfriend styles, plain and solid colored, plaid, printed, etc. All these styles can match your everyday mood. By the way, I wanted to mention a denim shirt. This beautiful garment can be worn with most of your bottoms, as well as during Summer and Winter times. I love to see women who choose denim shirts to wear to work, by teaming them with wide-leg trousers, slim-fit blazer and high-heel shoes. Chambray shirt can be worn with pretty much everything, starting from skirts, dresses, leggings, overalls and jumpsuits. If you are not into denim, go for white shirt and pair it with a floral print skirt, tights and classic pumps, this simple combo will never look dull. If you are more into fun style, then how about wearing a plaid shirt with tulle skirt, pearls and studded pumps. Yes, you might need a courage to wear such combination, but it is totally worth it! Don’t be afraid mixing prints, it’s always fun and makes you appear younger. Just remember to pair only two patterns at the same time and in the same outfit. What you think of these ideas? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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