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Be creative and give a try to a head wrap! This time I want to show you interesting head wraps you can easily implement into your everyday outfits. No matter if you wear it because of retro pin-up beauties, 1960’s movie stars, or because you have seen it in many ethnic cultures, this beautiful accessory is extremely trendy right now. Sure, there are countless styling ways how to wear it, but we are here for street style inspiration, so sit back and enjoy some of the best looks to copy in the nearest future!

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Everything depends on your personal style, mood, touch, and choice, that’s why there are so many ways how to wear it. It can be worn in an elegant way, like on Audrey Hepburn, in a quite edgy way, like seen on Solange Knowles, or keep it boho and gypsy-inspired, like Nicole Richie did it once. I personally do it like Rihanna or Beyonce, simply wrap my scarf around head and tie it up in a knot, looks retro pin-up inspired. You can complete this look by adding big statement earrings, cat-eye makeup, and bright lipstick. If you want to create that special boho romantic and gypsy-inspired look, then wrap a scarf around your head and simply tie it in the back, so the endings can flow freely. I use to wear such style to the beach, or during my summer vacation. If you want to create a kind of ethnic cultures inspired look, then how about wrapping a long brightly printed colorful scarf around your head. It’s super cool, effortlessly chic and simply brilliant.

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