Timeless Fashion Essentials For Young Women

You need them ALL! Here are shown timeless essentials for young women who want to keep their look special and show their flawless style. No matter where you go, is it a family reunion, job interview, career event or simple day walk in the town, there are essential tools you better know that will easily improve your style.

Like it or not, but there are some pieces that never go out of style and you can easily wear them in different ways. So, here are some of my favorite timeless fashion essentials to help young women improve their style.

A Lovely Bathrobe is Cool and Sweet

Yes, you heard me right. A bathrobe will be a great layering for lazy Sundays. It is a cool choice for having friends overnight. Spa robe will never go out of style, it’s cozy and soft must-have. It can be made of soft and fluffy materials, like satin, mohair or cotton.

You Will Need A Pair Of Riding Boots To Underline Your Style

Think of equestrian style and find the best riding boots. You need a pair that will make you feel comfort. Look for a qualitative pair made of leather. I personally wear suede OTK boots, they work well with skinnies, skirts, and dresses. Of course, you can try out different styles, but riding boots are both fashionable and functional.

Keep It More Professional with a Pantsuit or Blazer and Skirt set

Yes, it’s important to have at least one or two pantsuits or skirtsuits in your closet, as you never know when it will be needed. It can be a strict dress code at work or some kind of formal party where you need to appear in a structured suit. Once I had to prepare myself for a very important job interview, so I took my favorite suit and I was ready to go in about 5 minutes. Trust me, you never want to be caught with nothing to wear. A suit is an essential tool to have in your closet. By the way, you can either keep the suit in one color or mix and match blazer with pants to underline your individuality. I personally wear my favorite suit blazer with jeans.

A Little Black Dress Is a MUST Have

Yes, LBD is something that you need in your closet. I recommend having at least 3 different styles. When you have nothing to wear, LBD comes to help you out! No matter if it’s a job interview, cocktail party or casual gathering at the bar or dating. Lots of designers offer new silhouettes of this dress, but we still find incredible styles that can make us look special and ladylike. I recommend to try on A-line LBD or keep it cool with a bodycon little black dress.

White Tee is What You Really Need

You may say I am crazy, but the idea of a white tee is to be layered under your favorites. The style and design of white T-shirts will never change, that’s why it goes with literally everything. You are free to wear them to work with a blazer, layer it under lingerie bra tops, tuck it inside buttoned denim skirts, tie it and wear with skinny jeans, etc. Hope you will purchase one of these items.

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