Thigh High Boots You Should Try In 2018

Thigh High Boots is nothing new, but you definitely should give this trend a try in 2018. Hot heeled thigh-high boots might appear to be a hard to pull off footwear, but in real life, everything is pretty easy to wear. They are pretty easy to wear on a daily basis. I know, many of you are afraid to look like BDSM ladies while wearing OTK boots. This high footwear is getting a whole lot of attention this 2018 and it’s no wonder why, as we see the rise of popularity of motorcycle boots, chunky heels and all other over the knee shoes. Thigh highs are the shoes what can easily sex up any look. The comeback of thigh-highs is here to stay, so why don’t you give this footwear a try?

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Is there any difference in wearing thigh-highs this year? I would say it’s all about making your outfit look edgier and versatile. A chunkier vibe makes this footwear look less sexy and slouchier. One thing is quite important and it’s how to make these shoes get right into your outfit, so the overall style appears harmonized. This thing can be done by the balance and the right mixing. I would suggest you try thigh-highs with dresses, shorts, and skirts. Speaking of additional layers, then you are free to try tights or over the knee socks. I prefer to wear socks that are a few inches over the boot, this gives me a kind of sultry, boho chic vibe. If you are thinking of wearing longer skirts or dresses, then why don’t you go for bottoms with side slits? Side or middle slit looks fabulous with thigh high boots. Leave things to the imagination! Those of you who want to create a more girlish look, then my suggestion is to go for a more girly style by trying on leather shorts, cut-offs, sexy dresses or sweater dresses. A laidback style can be accomplished with thigh-highs with flat soles, or wedge heels. Keep your outfit toned down and let masculine, slouchy and sporty chic vibe do the trick! By the way, you can still wear trousers with these boots, just go for skinny fit, without creating a slouchy look.

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