The Neck Scarf Trend 2018

We’ve got a trend alert this 2018, as I am here to show you amazing neck scarves that are absolute must-haves! All you need is a skinny silk version that can be tied tight around your neck. Tie it one or two times, depending on the scarf length. I personally tie it three times, as I want to make it look thick on my neck. Why do we love neckscarves so much? They remind us cowboy movies, retro outfits, and even chokers. By the way, even the simplest scarf can look incredibly chic, all you need is to style it the right way.

Neck scarves look awesome with completely anything! Sure, no matter with what clothes you are going to wear this scarf, but what kind of scarf you are about to wear. The design and the way you tie it are very important! If you are into sophisticated, casual look, then I recommend to give a try to a colored print design and tie in a cowboy way. They look pretty chic with completely anything, starting from button-downs to T-shirts. Those of you who want to create a minimal and clean look, I recommend to go for a solid color scarf or color-blocking design. These scarves can be styled with all black or white looks. What do you think of this little addition? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below:

White tee and blue jeans look irresistibly cool with this bandana blue neckscarf:

Go for a professional look by wearing a pinstripe suit with a white fur coat. Complete this outfit with a red bandana neckscarf:

A simple cream-gray pullover looks sporty, but you can add a printed silk scarf and rounded black sunglasses to complete this simple look:

Polka dot black neckscarf and a black sweatshirt is a nice combo. Add Wayfarer sunglasses to complete this look:

A touch of 1970’s fashion. Go for a double denim outfit, like blue jeans and oversized jean jacket. Complete this look with a white shirt and red silk scarf tied around neck:

Blue neckscarf in white bandana print can be teamed with a denim shirt tucked in red A-line skirt:

Say hello to 1990’s inspired look that includes rounded sunglasses and black neckscarf in white bandana print:

All in black complemented with a red neckscarf:

Try on a casual summer trip look by wearing a sunhat, pinstripe tank top, denim shorts, laced sandals and salmon red neckscarf:

Gray blazer is complemented with a printed neckscarf and skinny black leather belt:

A perfect Summer look for women who want to underline their individuality:

A touch of punk style. Go for a black leather jacket, black-white striped tee, and blue jeans. Add bandana print red neckscarf to complete this outfit:

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