Sweater Dresses Season Is Officially Opened

It’s time to welcome back sweater dress trend, as we are about to face cold season months and you better get wrapped into cozy layers. There is nothing groundbreaking in this cool knitwear, but it’s certainly one of the best choices for a comfortable walk in the town during Autumn or Winter months.

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What are you waiting for, get layered in knits from head to toe! This garment can be considered to be a perfect alternative to our everyday essentials, as we can wear a sweater dress to office, meetings, as well as for dates. I personally like this style for a kind of 1970’s inspired vibe and spirit that can be rocked anywhere and anytime, while keeping your body warm. If you are frightened to look like a granny, then you better update this cozy dress with funky, trendy and glamour accessories, shoes and jewelry. Think of adding posh shoes, sexy heels, OTK boots, and rich looking jewelry. You can also add cool layers, like faux fur jacket or coat, leather jacket, or a classic trench coat. If you still have no idea what to wear it with, then I am here to help you out.

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Today’s fashion offers million of sweater dress styles, in different cuts, knits, colors, prints, and patterns. In other words saying, it’s pretty easy to choose the one to underline your femininity. Plus, you can choose the one and dress it up or down in any way you like. This dress can look awesome with bare legs, as well as with tights and even with leggings or pants. Yes, it’s a super versatile piece of clothing. There are lots of interesting ways how to make sweater dress look awesome on you. If the weather is not so cold, then you probably want to know how to wear a sweater dress with ankle boots, right? You will need a dress that is long enough for covering your knees, a pair of cozy socks and a pair of chunky ankle boots. Sure, you are free to choose a shorter dress, just make sure it’s not cold outside.

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I personally love to see women clad in neutral colored chunky, oversized sweater dresses complemented with cool and statement booties in a bright print. If you want to try on sweater dresses with leggings, then you can go for a light knit dress and pair it with leather leggings completed with a pair of slip-on sneakers. This is a perfect choice for ladies who do not wish to show off their skin, that’s why pulling on a sweater dress over tight leggings is the best trick to follow this year. Just make sure you go for neutral dark-colored leggings, so you don’t look bulky.

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A short sleeve sweater dress can be worn over a tight long sleeve bodysuit, or over a blouse, etc. Complete this look by adding your favorite pair of boots. If you decided to try on sweater dress to work, then you better keep in mind several things, like choosing a neutral dark colored sweater, keeping things minimal, wearing a slim-fit sweater-dress is a great choice and don’t forget about your footwear, keep it simple, neutral colored and long enough! When I have a day off, I usually go for over the knee boots, as they give me a slightly sexier vibe that makes me stand out from the crowd. Anyway, let’s get inspired by the following outfit ideas and choose something special.

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