Style Tips On How To Wear Shirt Dresses

Now it’s time to say a couple of words about shirtdresses. In this article, I will try my best to show you and give you some great style tips on how to wear shirt dresses. This is not just another trend report, this is a functional blog post with all possible and impossible ways how to wear a shirtdress in real life. First of all, let’s make it clear on what is a shirt dress?

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Basically, this is just a very long shirt that can be used as a dress in your everyday routine life (plus you can use it for office hours). Looks like a shirt, but acts like a dress! Sometimes, it can be a silky long or oversized button-down shirt bought in men’s department and used as a dress. This simple garment can actually make you look super glam and individual. It’s fair to say, we can never have too many dresses, that’s why this design can be a nice addition to your closet. Now, let’s see great ways how to wear shirtdresses in real life.

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Well, the thing is, you can wear it as your normal dress. It will make a perfect impression on the streets or casual parties. You can add a belt and cinch it around your waist, I love to see ladies wearing thin belts, but you can go for a thicker and wider one. For a more sophisticated look, you can go for a bejeweled one. Next thing to know is what shoes you can wear with a shirtdress. You are free to go for ballet pumps, stiletto sandals, Brogues, chunky heels, ankle boots for winter, classic pumps, or heeled ankle boots for fall. Ballet pumps are ideal for creating French chic looks with a shirtdress, stiletto sandals are for glamour evenings and special cocktail parties, Brogues are for a Tomboyish look that is androgynous and sophisticated, chunky heels will definitely give you a 1970’s touch, whilst ankle boots are great for Winter and Fall outfits that smell very boho chic. I do love to see women who wear shirtdresses with classic blazers on top, it makes them look office friendly, but I also like to see ladies wearing shirtdresses under leather jackets, that makes them look edgy and sexy!

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Next thing to know is how should you style your shirtdress during Winter and Fall season months. First of all, you have a chance to try on shirtdress with jeans or leggings. Then you can add functional and warm layers, like sweaters, pullovers or sweatshirts. Don’t be shy to use multiple layers, like sporting a shirt-dress with a comfy sweater layered under a leather jacket. Anyway, here are some street style pics on how to make your one and only shirtdress look AWESOME!

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