Statement Shirts For Women With Style

A statement shirt might be a very important clothing staple in your closet. Why? It can dress up lazy women and make them look gorgeous while wearing casual jeans. Sometimes we have to dress up in a hurry, that’s where a statement shirt can help you out.

A beautiful white blouse with a knotted open back can be teamed with blue jeans.

What are your moves when you have to be out in 5 mins? Some makeup on your face and an outfit. What can you put on yourself? Jeans and a top is the easiest way out. That’s why it’s so important to have a statement shirt for moments when you need to have plan B.

A gorgeous silken black blouse with elongated sleeves can be tucked in wash blue jeans:

Off-the-shoulder pinstripe blue-white top with ruffles looks insanely hot tucked in seventies inspired blue jeans:

Pinstripe white off-shoulder blouse can be tucked in navy slim trousers:

Keep it oversized by wearing white-red striped boyfriend shirt half-tucked in casual jeans:

Why Statement Shirts Is The Best Option For Lazy Women?

The lack of time and laziness can be your enemies, but once you buy yourself a beautiful top, nothing will stop you. When I talk about statement shirts I mean the ones with big sleeves, oversized silhouettes, massive collars, ruffles, embroideries, sexy cut-outs, etc. Once you buy such top, you can style it with any bottoms, starting from casual jeans to sexy skirts with slits. Such combo doesn’t take much time, it can put together any lady. Speaking of statement shirts, I should mention graphic tees, they are both for men and women. Sure, they are meant for casual days, but still, they make its wearer look special and super cool. If you are a party girl, then you can give a try to amazing chiffon blouses, they gonna rock the show. Anyway, unique shirts work great for brunches, offices, Friday nights and business meetings. Be free with your choice. It can be a top with extreme cut-outs, heavy prints, sequined, tight, loose or cropped.

How To Make Statement Shirts Look Awesome on You?

First of all, you need to understand what is the dress code of the upcoming event, is it casual or dressy? Pick a professional style for business hours and sequined or bright one for parties. Pair it with a classic pencil skirt for office hours and ripped jeans for casual events. Sneakers and flats go for laid-back style and heels, brogues are for dressier events.

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