Sportswear & Athleisure Trend For Women

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Call it athleisure or sportswear, but we see the comeback of this trend! You better be prepared to make a standout appearance on the streets, at casual parties or anywhere you want to go. It’s no wonder why fashion is feeling intrigued by sportswear. This year everything seems to look modernized and spiced up. I am not saying you should give up on your everyday basics, but I recommend to add at least one athleisure item to your casual outfit. Anyway, relax, and enjoy this amazing street style collection of women who appear in sportswear outfits.

It’s no secret, sportswear market demand is growing very fast and the main accelerants are celebrities, healthy life promotion and simply a sexy look that can be achieved by wearing athletic garments. The sportswear and fashion combination is extremely popular right now and I find this combo ideal for creating unique looks to underline your individuality, as well as add a special comfort to your look. The best way to create a fabulous sporty look is to mix up your everyday basics with athletic garments, like T-shirts, hoodies, tracksuits, polo shirts, sneakers, shorts, etc. Why is this trend so popular in today’s life? The life is a crazy b#%ch and you better run to make all things done! The activewear helps us to do all these activities in a short time. How? It is made of special fibers that allow us to do physical activities without sweating. The following street outfit ideas feature amazing ideas on how to mix up sportswear with your everyday essentials. This trend comes with lots of innovations and smart clothing combinations allowing us to wear functional apparel in different ways.

I love to see women clad in bombers paired with classic blue skinny jeans, sneakers and baseball caps, but you can try on a basic white T-shirt and pair it with casual everyday basics, like jeans and draped coat:

Athleisure Trend 2017 (2)

If the weather is cold, you are more than welcome to go for a cozy coat, parka jacket or a trench coat. All these outerwear pieces look awesome with leggings, athletic jackets and sneakers:

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Sports jackets in bold colors are great for underlining your active lifestyle. I do like to see women who manage to team classic blazers with jogger pants:

Athleisure Trend 2017 (4)

Have fun with runners, as they can be teamed with all your favorite leggings and basic tops:

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Find out more about athletic outfit ideas by checking this post about gym style looks for 2018 weekends. Bombers are ideal to underline your femininity. Go for bulky design and pair it with everyday essentials. Keep things simple by adding athletic trousers or a hoodie:

Athleisure Trend 2017 (6)

Sporty pants with side stripes look great with pretty much everything. I recommend to mix up things by teaming simple pullover with knee-ripped skinnies and slip-on shoes:

Athleisure Trend 2017 (7)

There are lots of interesting combinations you can try in your everyday life. Keep things slouchy and relaxed by pairing sneakers with everyday trousers:

Athleisure Trend 2017 (8)

Athleisure Trend 2017 (9)

Athleisure Trend 2017 (10)

Athleisure Trend 2017 (11)

Athleisure Trend 2017 (12)

Sneakers are ideal for creating fabulous outfits. Try these sporty shoes with athletic pullovers and joggers:

Athleisure Trend 2017 (13)

Blazers look awesome with sporty trousers and classic heeled pumps, but you can go for classy runners and pair them with coated joggers and biker jacket:

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