Puffer Vests For Cold Weather Days

You will need a puffer vest for days when it feels chilly, but not so cold enough to wear heavy outerwear. This outer garment allows you to show off the clothes you wear underneath. In other words, it keeps you warm without sweating. Most of the puffer vests are considered to be preppy, but you can easily layer them over casual essentials. For instance, a classic down vest looks great with classic color sweaters, as well as with printed shirts and pullovers. Yep, these layering pieces are easy to pull off. If you are still confused how to wear it, I’ve got some easy tips and ideas to share with you.

Black down option is a versatile outer garment which can be worn over a white sweater in black stripes. Add blue mid-rise jeans and brown leather boots to complete this outfit.

Almost the same outfit combination as we see in previous image, but it’s updated with a beige wool scarf and leopard print flat pumps:

A cozy down variant in black color is a perfect match to wear with pastel blue skinnies, and hoodie pullover in blue-black stripes. Make this outfit more sportier by adding black sneakers and pastel blue leather bag:

Camel beige quilted down option looks smart-casual. Layer it over maroon dress and add brown leather ankle boots embellished with buckles:

Another dark colored outfit featuring black-white gingham print shirt. Complete this simple look with a red ribbed knit beanie:

Chevron print vest can be used for layering turquoise sweater. Add blue jeans, tall black leather boots and black trench coat:

Why don’t you create a perfect street casual look which can work for picnics and BBQ parties. You will need a navy puffer vest, plaid shirt, dark jeans and green gumboots:

Down vest in black color can be layered over gray-white striped option. Add a pair of pastel peach skinnies and gray flat pumps to complete this outfit:

Puffer option in maroon color will add a casual touch to this maroon-white gingham print shirt. Add gray skinnies, high-top trainers and gray suede backpack to complete this combo:

Dark green quilted down waistcoat can be layered over white cable knit sweater. Add blue skinnies and tall brown leather boots:

If you want to add an edgy touch, then my advise is to add black leather skinnies:

Brighten up this casual outfit with a pair of gingham print slip-on shoes:

A quilted down vest can be used for Winter months as well. All you need is to layer it over high-neck sweater in gray color. Add wash skinny jeans and comfy suede ankle boots:

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