Preppy Style Is Still In Trend

Still looking for a style that can clearly underline your personality, then how about giving a try to preppy style. This is nothing new, but I see it in every new collection. A preppy look will definitely make you stand out from the crowd and give that special sweet touch that never goes out of fashion. Why do we love it so much? The term preppy derives from old times when rich upper-middle-class boys and girls went to schools in pretty expensive and tidy clothes. Nowadays, preppy look associates with fashion choice, not with a preppy lifestyle. Anyway, preppy fashion is back and you better see how it works in real life!

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When I say preppy, I automatically start to think of argyle sweaters, madras, chinos, button-down Oxford shirts, boat shoes, etc. But thanks to nowadays fashion there is no problem for you to create your own preppy style. In other words, you can add all kinds of textures, accessories, patterns and mix them up with formal basics. Yes, I do love to see women who add posh details, like studs and spikes in their preppy classy outfits. This is an ideal way to give that special edgy touch to your lovely preppy look. By the way, you can even go for boyfriend jeans and pair them with an oversized sweater to create that special modern preppy style, sure you better complete it with a fitted blazer and classic loafers to keep things sweet and classy. Those who want to make things look edgier, then go for a pleated leather skirt and pair it with a ruched lightweight blouse and a classic blazer. No matter, if it’s Summer, Spring, Fall or Winter, you can always add a touch of preppy look to any outfit you have in your closet. Everything is possible, just give it a try and make things happen!

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