Pleated Skirts For 2018 And Best Street Style Looks

She moves like Jagger! I want to draw your attention to my favorite ways how to make pleated skirts look best on your next 2018. In this post, you are going to see best street style looks featuring this magnificent garment. What I love the most about the pleated skirt, this clothing staple will never go out of fashion. Sure, it might not be so much trendy anymore, but you can spot this skirt almost anywhere. Pleats make us look special and more individual.

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This simple detailing makes us look feminine and playful. This is a great choice for all kinds of occasions, starting from office to evening parties. I personally think of 1970’s looks, high slits, and disco divas. If you are a beginner to this skirt, then I recommend to start with a midi pleated skirt and choose yourself the one in white, nude or pastel color.

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Long story short, pleated skirts in 2018 can be worn in a classy and modern ways. If you want to make it look classy, then the best way is to pair it with button-down shirts, neutral color tops, or knitwear, like cable-knit sweaters or light knit pullovers. If you want to look modern, sassy and hot, then be sure to pair your favorite skirt with crop tops, slip tanks, cropped leather jackets, slogan T-shirts, mesh or see-through blouses or bright print tees.

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The elegance of pleats makes them office appropriate and easy to pair with completely anything. The same skirt looks awesome with work style button-downs, as well as with fun tops for relaxed weekends and fancy parties.

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If you want to use pleats only for parties, then you definitely should go for the short pleated skirt. The look of such skirts is girlish, flirty and sweet. Start from solid color versions by pairing them with classic shirts and cute shoes, then you can start experimenting with metallic shades by teaming them with simple tops and blouses.

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If you are more into sophisticated and dramatic clothes, then be sure to try a maxi pleated skirt. This is a fabulous way to underline your beauty and create something chic and feminine. Think of grunge style by adding a leather jacket or a boho look with a pair of cute sandals and flowy hair. Pleats look cool with tank tops, graphic print t-shirts, basic blouses, etc. I recommend trying to tuck inside a shirt or go for a knot-tied chambray shirt.

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