Nude Summer Hats from Fedoras To Floppy Hats

Hello, my dear fashion addicted ladies! Today’s article is dedicated to nude Summer hats and ways how to wear them this year. Frankly speaking, we are having that so-called hat mania in recent year, as I see them popping up in my Instagram feed. So, if you are into hats, and bohemian sophisticated Summer, then this article is what you really need to read right now! I am 25 and only last year I started to wear hats, so there is nothing wrong if you haven’t worn it before. We all have time to reconsider our looks, style and the way we live. Anyway, enough lyrics, it’s time to see what’s trending in the world of hats right now before summer ends. I love to see women wearing hats, I love to see this head accessory everywhere around, including films, Instagram, editorials, as well as on the streets.

Fedoras and Floppy Hats (1)

What is so special about nude hats for summer? They are pretty easy to style, and you are free to pick up almost any design, no matter if it’s fedora or floppy hat. Nevertheless, nude hats are timeless and versatile, so you can try them on with any look you like, starting from bohemian style to French, retro or urban chic. The secret of looking badass chic in a nude hat is to find the one design that fits your face and your head. Sure, it can be pretty hard to find the one and only style, but once you do it, there can be so many cool looks to copy, you just can’t imagine! Frankly speaking, white brownish or nude summer hats look effortless and relaxed, so it’s up to you which one of these headwear designs you should give a try.

Fedoras and Floppy Hats (2)

Fedoras and Floppy Hats (3)

Fedoras and Floppy Hats (4)

Fedoras and Floppy Hats (5)

If you are more into bohemian look, then you should start from relaxed lightweight dresses, oversized layers, light colors and functional sandals. Keep it both fresh and sophisticated by choosing accessories, I mean go for classic brown sunglasses, vintage bag, and fringes to underline your individuality. You definitely should give a try to layered necklaces, original rings, and small details. If you are more into French chic outfit, then let it be a summer light button-down shirt dress half tucked in classic jeans and complement it with a pair of comfortable shoes. It can be also a lovely neutral color shirt teamed with classic denim bottoms, Oxford shoes and tote bag, you can also layer it with a lightweight trench coat. If you want to make an impression at work, then you definitely should give a try to your everyday office look, by pairing heels with a pencil skirt, a light blouse or shirt dress, or go for a sexy skirt suit or pantsuit complementing it with a gorgeous hat.

Fedoras and Floppy Hats (6)

Fedoras and Floppy Hats (7)

Fedoras and Floppy Hats (8)

Fedoras and Floppy Hats (9)

Fedoras and Floppy Hats (10)

The last but not least is beach floppy hat look that is great for beach walks and beach parties. You will need a sexy swimsuit, layering (kimono or a shirtdress), beach towel, flat sandals and posh summer hat. So, what you think of wearing nude summer hats? Do you wear it? Would you recommend one of these styles to your friend? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

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