New And Sexy Ways To Wear Slip Dresses

Today’s post is going to be full of beautiful and sexy dresses you all can give a try this season. Yes, I am talking about slip dresses., It’s no wonder why many designers proclaimed it to be an IT dress of the twenty-first century. Why? First of all, it’s original, versatile and can be carried wherever you want, as it can be easily packed in any handbag. In other words saying, this is a perfect dress which can be dressed up or down in any way you like: from sneakers to stilettos.

Slip Dress Trend (1)

We all know this is a 1990’s must-try essential, and I am so obsessed with it. I love it for a kind of super minimal appearance that is incredibly simple and uber basic. Yes, you heard me right, it’s basic, but still a sexy must-try! Today’s fashion offers more sophisticated designs completed with spaghetti straps, lace embellishments, sexy cuts, and chiffon fabrics. I love the way most of the slipdresses follow the body line without making things look tight, the result is absolutely fabulous and gorgeous. I see many slip dresses made of high-quality fabrics, including silk, lace, etc. It does look amazing with daytime basics, like moto boots and a leather jacket, but you can still add evening essentials, like high-heeled pumps or stiletto sandals. It’s a great frock to wear on night-outs and casual parties. What slip dress is the best one? All depends on the occasion. Midi length frock is ideal for different occasions, you can wear it with sweater cardigans or with a blazer. Long frocks are great for weddings, cocktail parties, and very special gatherings. Mini slipdresses are ideal for sexy night-outs. As most of the slipdresses are made of silk, then my personal suggestion is not to wear a too tight dress. And still, there are lots of minuses in such dress: if you have extra pounds, you can appear fat, it’s hard to find appropriate lingerie that will cover your nipples.

No matter what is the color of your slipdress, it looks amazing! I personally love the ones with extra low V-necks in maxi length:

Slip Dress Trend (2)

In love with these two lace white slipdresses. Simple, ladylike and very special:

Slip Dress Trend (3)

Slip Dress Trend (4)

It’s up to you, which one of these gorgeous styles to buy. I love the one on Kate Moss in shiny silver metallic color:

Slip Dress Trend (5)

Slip Dress Trend (6)

Slip Dress Trend (7)

Slip Dress Trend (8)

Slip Dress Trend (9)

Slip Dress Trend (10)

Slip Dress Trend (11)

Slip Dress Trend (12)

Slip Dress Trend (13)

Slip Dress Trend (14)

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