Mismatched Earrings Is 2018 Trend

Did you lose one of your favorite earrings? No worries, as 2018 is the year of mismatched earrings. This might sound like a big nonsense, but this trend is in demand right now. Such designer brands like Balenciaga, Dior, and others offer its clientele mismatched earrings.

This is pretty easy to pull off trend and I love it for a kind of intriguing and sophisticated spirit. Just imagine yourself wearing a classic LBD complemented with a pair of mismatched earrings! This little addition will spice things up and make you stand out from the crowd.

As I have already mentioned, this is pretty easy look to pull off and I love it so much, as you literally can wear it anywhere you want. You are free to choose whatever style you want: it can be very similar styles with just a little differences in shapes or colors, or go bold with a pair which is totally different! By the way, mismatched earrings can be worn separately, you can go for just one earring. If you choose subtle earrings, you can use them practically everywhere, whilst bolder and bigger versions are more fun and you can use them for parties, going outs and special events.

Why is this trend so popular? We’ve always been fascinated with mismatched styles. Truth to be said, this trend makes us look special and more individual. This simple addition can help us to express ourselves.

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