Midi Skirts Are Great To Try In 2018

Today I want to speak about midi skirts and ways how to make these garments be your best friend next 2018. You are about to see street style images where ladies appear in midi skirts styled with fabulous tops and jackets. This skirt is probably one of the most versatile ones. It’s super functional and ideally suits all kinds of events, starting from work and business meetings to cocktail parties and fancy gatherings.

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Next 2018 is all about longer hems and a midi skirt is an ideal choice to follow this trend. Fashion is cyclical, but it doesn’t mean that new and past trends can’t live with new and present looks. The return of midi skirt has two distinct looks that include punk vibes and those special retro touches from 1940 and 1950’s. These two vibes have a major impact on modern fashion. Try full midi skirts, as they are ideal for creating that special spirit of fairytale and Grace Kelly personality. You are free to choose whatever color and print you like, but I suggest to try either toned down designs or keep things bold and neon colored. The full shape will make you look like a real retro doll! Sure, wearing this skirt is not so easy as it might look. You definitely should know how to style a full midi skirt, so you don’t look frumpy, or like a big ball. The BALANCE, yes, this word is heard many times, but the good old balance is the key to make things look hot on you. Keep your top slim, fitted and tiny, whilst make your footwear be super sexy and voguish, go for sexy heels, pointed toes, pumps, and sandals. I highly recommend from creating super classy outfits by pairing your lovely midi skirt with tiny sweaters, classy button-downs or blouses. If you don’t want to look like a retro French chic, then you can give a try to cropped top or bustier. By the way, you can avoid balanced looks, and try on oversized shirt or sweater tucked inside your favorite midi skirt, just make sure you show-off your waistline, visually creating a ladylike silhouette. If you hate retro and classics, then go for a punk look, by teaming your midi skirt with leather jackets, denim bombers, graphic tees, sneakers or boots. You are also free to try on a pleated midi skirt. They have that special 1970’s vibe, but still, they are totally wearable. Pleats look special and voguish. Try pleated skirts with fur coats and long trench coats.

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