Maxi Skirts Will Be In Fashion Next 2018

You can never have too many maxi skirts in your life! In today’s blog post I want to draw your attention to my favorite maxi skirts that are going to stay in fashion next 2018! Why do I love this garment so much? Well, it’s pretty easy to style, it’s both super versatile and feminine. Plus, it’s a perfect camouflage weapon for hiding legs, as well as for creating dressed up or down outfits. Take a close-up look through my favorite designs and ways how to wear it on the streets next year.

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I can’t forget times when I saw hundreds of girls wearing the same maxi skirts in the same color palette, it was funny and disturbing. Now that fashion has lots of stuff to offer us, it’s pretty easy to find a maxi skirt that can amaze everyone around us. It comes in millions of different colors, prints, and styles, starting from silken and lightweight versions, pleated, with high slits to floral prints, stripes and geometric patterns that underline our personalities and make us stand-out from the crowd. It’s fair to say, this skirt has reinvented itself with all kinds of designs. Indeed, you are free to choose any style you like, it can be either one colored piece, see-through design. Plus, it goes with absolutely anything, in other words saying, it can be worn to the beach, to a dinner, special date or cocktail party. I personally own three different maxi skirts that I use to wear with heels. Yes, you got me right, I love wearing these gorgeous bottom pieces with sexy and posh heels, it makes me look feminine and effortlessly chic. But you can try maxis with flats, or tennis shoes to create a sweet, youthful and free-spirited look. If you are beginner to this trendy piece, then my suggest is to buy a pleated version in solid color. It will be a perfect choice for different occasions. Choose either a black or nude colored design for a special event, and let it be green, peach or orange for fun events. By the way, those of you who love boho chic style can go for printed versions that look gypsy-inspired. Spice them up with basic tops and jackets. I personally recommend to go for solid neutral colored designs that can make its wearer look urban glam, sporty and chi.

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