Matrix Fashion Trend Street Style 2018

Get ready to rock Matrix inspired clothes this year! When I say matrix, I mean black, patent, and leather clothes. I would say, it’s a kind of tribute to Trinity, who is the Matrix character. Why this trend takes a leading position nowadays? It’s quite obvious, the power of women is a modern tendency that makes us look special and sophisticated. In other words saying, Matrix is all about a futuristic dominatrix, modern mistress and sexy silhouettes.

Matrix Fashion Trend 2017 (1)

The Matrix is influencing current fashion trends with cyberpunk sci-fi aesthetic, leather garments, black color, futuristic technology and gothic silhouettes. It’s all about fetish and streamlined looks. I personally love it for all-black clothing. It’s been 18 years since the first film of The Matrix trilogy, but its influence continues to inspire designers and creative people. Think of dark costume designs, patent leather coats, chunky footwear, futuristic separates, as well as many other stand-out pieces. I am a big fan of futuristic sunglasses trend. This statement eyewear can drastically change every woman’s look. Leather garments, like skin tight shirts, pants, coats are mind blowing, plus they are extremely versatile and can be used for different occasions. I would say many Matrix inspired looks have a kind of post-apocalyptic fashion presence, think of ripped details, tattered items, as well as militaristic clothing make a real statement. Anyway, let’s have a more detailed look through street style images below to find the best outfits you can easily copy this year.

Sure, the easiest way to rock Matrix trend is to go all black, but you can start from a black coat, black beanie, and black leather booties teamed with classic light blue jeans. I personally love to wear all black outfits, as they look edgy, gothic and sophisticated:

Matrix Fashion Trend 2017 (2)

The black floor-length coat ideally suits khaki green dress and slouchy boots. If you are more into colors, then you might like to try on a navy coat and dark military green slim pants tucked into chunky black leather ankle boots. By the way, black draped coat and LBD look astonishing:

Matrix Fashion Trend 2017 (3)

All patent leather outfit that looks like a cat-suit is unbelievably sexy. If you feel unconfident wearing such outfit, then I recommend to start with a high-waisted black leather skirt and team it with a cropped black top with long sleeves:

Matrix Fashion Trend 2017 (4)

Matrix Fashion Trend 2017 (5)

Matrix Fashion Trend 2017 (6)

Matrix Fashion Trend 2017 (7)

Matrix Fashion Trend 2017 (8)

Matrix Fashion Trend 2017 (9)

Matrix Fashion Trend 2017 (10)

Patent black leather pants in slim-fit look awesome teamed with crop top and black leather jacket:

Matrix Fashion Trend 2017 (11)

Matrix Fashion Trend 2017 (12)

Matrix Fashion Trend 2017 (13)

Matrix Fashion Trend 2017 (14)

Be sure to try on statement sunglasses. Choose futuristic frames to underline your individuality:

Matrix Fashion Trend 2017 (15)

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