Long Coats For Winter Season

Long coats are ideal for Winter season! You are going to love each one of these cold weather outerwear pieces! They are magnificent and powerful clothing staples. Once it gets chilly outside to walk in simple tees and sundresses, you can cover yourself in one of these stylish coats. Why do I like them so much? They are reminiscent of the 1970’s and 1980’s fashion. Most of these styles come in midi or even longer lengths. I love to see massive coats layered over plain tees paired with ripped jeans and classic sneakers. Why don’t you put your own spin on this trend? In this street style collection, I want to show you some of the best outfit ideas completed with oversized and long coats. I do think long coats are versatile and way more sophisticated to wear in real life. Just take a look at slightly oversized and wrap designs. The result is awesome!

Long Coats Trend (1)

You can find plenty of cool street style images of women wearing this pretty outerwear piece. You might want to know how to wear long coats this year? I hear lots of ladies saying they kinda afraid to look dull in such statement coats. My personal advice is to buy the one in a light neutral color. It can be a camel, light gray, or blue. Try on a bit oversized design, but don’t go for a slouchy one, it will make you look too much hobo-like. Keep things more Tomboyish. Add sneakers, sweater, tee, or jumper. I do love to see ladies wearing mini dresses, short skirts or cut-off shorts under long coats. This is a pretty versatile outerwear piece that works both for day and evening time. You are free to add heeled sandals or sexy pumps. Another great plus of a long coat is the warmth safe, it keeps us warmer and allows to add extra layers underneath. Anyway, I am more than happy to show you some of the best street style images of women who know how to style long coats in real life.

Let it be a cream gray or green colored coat, both look ladylike and classy. Keep them simple, relaxed and timelessly sweet:

Long Coats Trend (2)

Long Coats Trend (3)

As you can see, camel, gray and blue outerwear look the same chic and feminine. All you need is to add functional footwear and separates:

Long Coats Trend (4)

I am a big fan of red color coats, as I can wear them absolutely with anything I want. But you can make a statement with camel and gray colored versions:

Long Coats Trend (5)

Long Coats Trend (6)

Make an impression with a long rich blue suede coat, by teaming it with black leather skinnies and stiletto pointed-toe booties. I also love to see women dressed in orange maxi coats:

Long Coats Trend (7)

Long Coats Trend (8)

Long Coats Trend (9)

Long Coats Trend (10)

Long Coats Trend (11)

Long Coats Trend (12)

Long Coats Trend (13)

Long Coats Trend (14)

Long Coats Trend (15)

Long Coats Trend (16)

Long Coats Trend (17)

Long Coats Trend (18)

Long Coats Trend (19)

Long Coats Trend (20)

Black coat makes a stunning impression. It can be used as a formal outerwear, as well as casual piece. I use mine with casual separates, like denim and sneakers:

Long Coats Trend (21)

Neutral colored versions are simply the best! They can be dressed up or down. Just make sure to choose a timelessly chic clothes to wear under this big outerwear piece:

Long Coats Trend (22)

Long Coats Trend (23)

Long Coats Trend (24)

Long Coats Trend (25)

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