Leopard Print Fall 2017 Outfit Ideas For Women

Today’s article is dedicated to the power of leopard print. This wild pattern can be found everywhere right now, but how to make it look ladylike, chic and street style friendly? That’s our mission for today! In this collection are gathered different ways how to wear leopard print, no matter if this wild pattern is placed on your jacket, coat, pants or accessories. You need to make it your new neutral look.

Leopard Print Fall 2017 (1)

You might ask me, how is it possible to wear leopard print in such way? The key to pulling it off is to find your own balance. You can either pump up your statement or give your outfit more flair. I personally keep things subtle and classy when I wear my leopard print coat with black separates, like skinny jeans and turtleneck. If you are a beginner to such print, then you may start from pairing a spacious leopard print tote with a monochromatic ensemble. Why women love this print so much? It’s always been a glam look, starting from early Hollywood stars to 1980’s actresses and nowadays celebrities. Below are showcased cool ways to wear leopard print and stay feminine. I personally love the power of these animal spots, they work immediately. This print can make the dullest outfit look super glamour and fashion centered. But be aware, this trend is quite addictive. Women who adopted this print in their everyday clothes are strong and self-confident. Look at Kate Moss, Michele Obama, Anna Wintour, they all wear leopard print.

No matter how long is your leopard jacket, it is an ideal outerwear piece for making a statement on the streets. Try it on with a wide-brim black hat or with a classic black turtleneck and cuffed wash blue jeans:

Leopard Print Fall 2017 (2)

This year is full of oversized coats, so give a try to a bulky outerwear by wearing it with neutral slim-fit essentials. If you are the only beginner to this trend, then my advice is to start with small pieces, like a clutch bag, shoes or a scarf:

Leopard Print Fall 2017 (3)

Here we see a nice start where lady appears in wide shortened jeans teamed with ankle-boots in leopard print. But my love for coats is the same, love this beautiful outerwear:

Leopard Print Fall 2017 (4)

Leopard Print Fall 2017 (5)

In love with leopard print dresses. They look chic, bright and sophisticated:

Leopard Print Fall 2017 (6)

Leopard Print Fall 2017 (7)

Leopard Print Fall 2017 (8)

Coat, trousers or a blouse. As you can see, the best way to make leopard print look awesome is to team it with neutral colors:

Leopard Print Fall 2017 (9)

Which one of these coats is your favorite:

Leopard Print Fall 2017 (10)

Here we see two outfits complemented with leopard flats and a bomber faux fur jacket worn over black separates:

Leopard Print Fall 2017 (11)

Keep things classy and refined. You can try on a leopard print blazer draped over black blouse tucked in washed skinny jeans, or keep it fresh and ladylike by teaming red coat with tiger snout printed black sweater, blue jeans, and leopard print booties. Don’t forget to add leopard print handbag to complete this everyday look:

Leopard Print Fall 2017 (12)

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