Khaki Clothes For Women To Try In 2017

Khaki clothing is not just another fashion trend, it’s already a timeless staple that makes women look sophisticated, original and militaristic. The army color is back with vengeance and you better know how to wear it this Autumn 2017! There is nothing groundbreaking, but you can mix and match khaki clothes with your everyday essentials, creating fabulous looks. Below are gathered street style outfits you can copy this year.

2017 Khaki Clothes Trend (1)

Frankly speaking, this Fall 2017 is more about the color itself, not about its militaristic touches. Khaki is a far cry from its military sibling. This color is more versatile and can be mixed and matched with almost everything. Still, khaki looks military inspired to me, but it gives us a freaking hot appearance that is both powerful and self-confident. Don’t know about you, but the khaki color makes women look disciplined and effortlessly chic. Anyway, what’s new about khaki trend this 2017? Nothing and all at the same time! It’s a freedom of choice that allows you to do the military in a more laid back style, as you are free to pair the khaki sweater with a pair of blue jeans and black leather jacket, or keep things more fresh and casual by teaming khaki cargo pants with slouchy top and kicks. Not into casual? Want to create a sexy cocktail look? Then try on stiletto heels with khaki dress and fabulous clutch bag. In other words, sky is the limit! Think of grunge, 1990’s essentials, structured looks, army luxe touches, laid-back and cargo style clothes.

As you can see, khaki green shirt can be easily teamed with ripped blue cuffed jeans completed with salmon pink pumps. Add a denim shirt-jacket to tie it around your waist. Make a wow edgy statement by wearing a khaki green jacket with a graphic print gray top tucked in a black leather skirt. This combo can be complemented with black tights and black leather ankle boots:

2017 Khaki Clothes Trend (2)

We see fabulous street looks, featuring black pullover teamed with khaki trousers, white shirt tucked in green khaki pants and a khaki green bomber jacket layered over white blouse half-tucked in white striped black pants:

2017 Khaki Clothes Trend (3)

I am so in love with this military inspired khaki gray coat worn atop dark green tee tucked in black coated skinnies:

2017 Khaki Clothes Trend (4)

Have fun with a khaki beige pullover worn over grid print shirt paired with white cuffed jeans and gladiator sandals. Go for a sophisticated look by teaming denim jacket with green midi skirt and matching color sneakers. Go all in a khaki green look by pairing the sweater with skinny pants and black boots:

2017 Khaki Clothes Trend (5)

Fur top in a bulky shape ideally suits flared khaki green skirt and black leather booties. If you want to underline your laid-back style, then go for a khaki green elongated top and pair it with high-waist white trousers and red heeled sandals. I am so in love with these khaki green overalls:

2017 Khaki Clothes Trend (6)

LBD in lace looks outstanding layered under khaki cargo jacket. Want to keep things classy and tailored? Go for a khaki green skirtsuit:

2017 Khaki Clothes Trend (7)

Overalls or a fabulous trench coat:

2017 Khaki Clothes Trend (8)

All in khaki color (shirt and trousers) or a khaki green shirt and black skinnies:

2017 Khaki Clothes Trend (9)

2017 Khaki Clothes Trend (10)

2017 Khaki Clothes Trend (11)

2017 Khaki Clothes Trend (12)

2017 Khaki Clothes Trend (13)

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