It’s Okay To Wear Socks And Sandals This Summer

We are here to talk about one major fashion FAUX PAS, yes, socks and sandals combination. You know, it’s TOTALLY okay to wear socks and sandals next Summer. I am here to talk about easy ways to make your eclectic sandals look awesome with different socks. You might say this is an unacceptable trend for both men and women, but everything is possible and I call it a perfect fashion trend for IT girls.

Go for black sheer socks and pair them with chunky platform heeled black pumps, or keep it creative and original with studded black pumps and embellished sheer socks in black color.

By the way, this trend is perfect for cold Summer, when a temperature is pretty low for strappy sandals, but too warm for classic ankle boots. Avoid chill that comes with open-toes and strappy heels by adding stylish socks. The result may look 1990’s or 1970’s inspired, I personally create 1980’s looks that make me look a bit kitsch but in a good way! Still, this footwear looks slightly retro inspired, that’s why you can add wide trousers or boho inspired skirt to brighten things up!

Have fun with black sheer socks with red floral print and sweet-looking bow-tied flat pumps:

Chunky black leather sandals with block heels look pretty sweet with black striped white socks:

A touch of sweetness! You will need black lace socks, low block-heeled shoes, and corduroy khaki green skirt:

White socks and white chunky sandals look harmonious together. Add printed skirt and cropped white tee to complete this look:

All in white is kinda cool style:

Shiny gray socks are worn with chunky black peep-toe platform sandals:

White sheer socks and white chunky sandals can be worn with lightweight dresses:

Lace light blush socks look terrific with a pair of peep-toe white chunky sandals:

Minnie Mouse printed socks appear girlish. Try them on with light green pumps and polka dot pastel green dress:

Butterfly printed sheer socks will impress everyone around! Try them on with gold matte platform heeled pumps:

Anyway, what socks go with different style sandals? There are multiple choices, starting from going all monochrome by wearing white socks with white sandals, or you can give a try to creative and fun printed socks in colorful and patterned designs by teaming them with chunky sandals, I personally keep things more sultry and sophisticated by pairing black sheer high socks with classic color sandals, this takes my outfit to the next level. So, what you can do: keep things neutral, match tones, go for a textured look, risk with playful colors and prints.

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