How To Wear Zip Skirts

If you are looking for new garments that can update your style and make you stand out from the crowd, then you definitely should give a try to zip skirts. This beautiful piece of clothing comes in million styles, lengths, fabrics, and colors. In other words saying, it’s a must-have piece for Spring season. In today’s article, I want to show you easiest ways how to upgrade your look with these skirts. So, take a look through these ideas and tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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As you can see, zip skirts are pretty versatile, as they come in lots of interesting materials and colors. The zipper can vary in position, it can be placed on the mid area, on the side, asymmetrical, either in a diagonal position. You are free to pair it with different tops, all depends on the type of skirt. If it’s a neutral colored, then you can update this skirt with a bright sweater, crop top, or with a fancy blouse. If you choose a trendy skirt made of patent leather, colored in a bright hue, then you can simply combine it with a neutral colored top. For instance, a black leather high-waisted short skirt with side zip can be teamed with a sexy deep V-neck black blouse, or with a classic white T-shirt layered with a sophisticated long navy coat. If it’s pretty chilly outside, then a black leather pencil skirt with front mid zipper can be teamed with a white sweatshirt. The simplest skirt can look awesome complimented with such a tiny little detail, like a zipper. Indeed, this zipper can definitely change the whole look. An asymmetrically placed zipper can give you a chance to unzip it a bit and create a slit skirt! I think it’s time to check out street style pics and see how women manage to wear this beautiful garment combined with everyday essentials.

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