How To Wear Sunglasses This Winter 2017-2018

Today’s article is devoted to sunglasses and how to wear them this Winter 2017-2018 season. Yes, you heard me right, WINTER! Women usually wear sunglasses during warm months. But in fact, during cold months we still have sunny days, that’s why we need to protect our eyes from the direct sun rays, which can cause damage to our eyes by UV rays. Yes, Winter sun can still damage your eyes. That’s why we can consider this accessory as an absolute fashion essential. If you don’t protect your eyes from the direct sunrays, you can have various eye problems in future, like pinguecula, macular degeneration and cataracts. Anyway, I am here to talk about fashion!

Get ready for an edgy streamlined look! You will need a black blazer, lightweight blouse, black skinnies and black leather booties. Complete this outfit with a pair of aviator sunglasses and geometric shaped handbag.

This year we see lots of cool sunglasses. They look great with absolutely any Winter outfit, no matter if you add shades to a fur coat or leather jacket. You are free to wear your favorite sunnies any time when it’s bright outside. Besides, this addition is a perfect way to complete any outfit. By the way, I do recommend to choose shades in darker colors for Winter season, but you are free to upgrade your overall style with something bright and colorful. So, what are you waiting for? Take the benefits of this accessory during cold Winter days and tell me what do you usually wear with sunnies during cold months.

Have fun with oversized rounded sunglasses by wearing them with a white turtleneck sweater:

Keep it cool and glamour with a big fur coat, black leather skinnies and oversized shades:

Oversized cat-eye sunglasses in black color look awesome with a black knitted beanie, fur coat and black sweater:

Red cat-eye shades can be used for brightening your edgy style. Add black leather jacket and classic blue jeans:

Fur hat in blue-black color looks tremendiously chic with rounded sunnies and stylish bomber jacket:

Shiny black Tom Ford sunglasses with blue lenses:

Black-grey Havana Hugo Boss sunglasses:

Black Jimmy Choo sunglasses:

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