How To Wear Pencil Skirts: Outfit Ideas To Copy

If there is one garment that makes women look sexy, feminine and professional, then it’s a pencil skirt. This is something that will never disappear from women’s fashion. In today’s article, I am about to show you my favorite outfit ideas you all can try now. This is one of the best garments known in fashion, as it flatters every woman’s shape, just make sure to buy the correct size. For an autumn season you better look for longer versions and shorter ones for summertime.

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I am a big fan of relaxed silhouettes that make me look more polished and sophisticated. I guess this is one of the best designs for working women, who want to show off their professionalism and femininity. So, what are you waiting for? Take a close-up look through these street style images and choose your favorite pencil skirt outfit!

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What I love the most about this garment is how quickly it manages polish up woman’s look and it doesn’t matter what top you are about to pair it with. In other words saying, this is one of the easiest garments in terms how to style it. Pencil skirt fits your body like a glove, plus it visually elongates your silhouette and plays up with your curves. Trust me, there are tons of great looks you can create with this beautiful skirt, but remember to always wear heels with it. You can go for stiletto sandals, or classic heeled pumps. Believe me, stilettos are going to flatter any outfit and body shape, so be sure to try on this skirt with some heels. If you are tall enough, then you are free to wear flats, this will make you look like a retro chic.

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Like it or not, but I see a comeback of one sexy look that features a high-waisted pencil skirt and crop top. You are free to choose whatever crop top you like, no matter if it’s fitted or loose. You can show just a bit of your midriff, or hide your tummy under high-waisted skirt layered with a classic crop sweater or pullover. You are always free to spice up your look with a coat you can drape over your shoulders. If you are not ready to show your midriff, then go for a classic pencil skirt and pair it with a simple tee, sweater or sweatshirt. Trust me, this look is still sophisticated and makes a huge statement! By the way, pencil skirt looks awesome with thigh high boots. If you decided to wear this skirt to work, then how about pairing it with a classy office top, like a silken blouse, or a professional style button-down shirt. Complete it with classic pumps and a sophisticated blazer on. Well, I can talk hours about cool ways how to wear pencil skirts, but I think it’s better to see real-life street style shots in order to get an idea about the versatility of this garment.

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