How To Wear Fringes This Year

Hi, everyone! Today I want to bring to your attention style tips and the best ways how to wear fringes this year. This amazing addition gives you a 1970’s inspired touch, as well as boho chic details and still, it makes you look polished. Fringes can be placed on simple outfits and make them look sophisticated. Trust me, your day to day looks can be updated with such an eye-catching embellishment. Today’s fashion offers lots of cool fringed clothes and accessories, including tops, skirts, heels, flats, coats, dresses, scarves and even bags. This simple embroidery gives an extra fashion-statement to its wearer. So, are you in love with this detail? If your answer is yes, then you are more than welcome to read on to find out more.

Fringes Fashion Trend 2018 (1)

I do love to see fringes on garments, it gives them a kind of unique and very glamour touch. I would say, wearing fringes makes you look trendy and sophisticated. In this post, I gathered all kinds of street style images where women appear in casual, dressy, boho chic and Tomboy inspired combos complemented with fringes. Believe me, there is nothing hard in wearing tassels. Moreover, this add-on has a kind of magic power that makes every single garment stand-out. In other words saying, this is one of the best ways to brighten up your look and make it music festival-friendly or even office appropriate.

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There are no age restrictions and you are free to choose whatever fringe outfit you like. Just don’t overdo with it, I mean, wearing a fringed skirt with a fringed crop top is too much! I personally think of 1920’s fashion, as it was the time when tassels have gained their popularity. Anyway, this trend was spotted back in 1970’s and now we have a chance to see it on the streets and everywhere else. You can now literally drape yourself in gorgeous fringed outfits. You are free to keep them boho inspired by wearing fringed suede jackets, denim shirts tucked in fringed sexy suede skirts, etc. So, what are you waiting for? Give this trend a try!

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