How To Wear Denim Overalls With Shirts

This post is about practical and comfortable denim overalls we can wear on the streets and special occasions. Sometimes we miss something in our everyday looks. This ‘something’ is a stylish detail that makes us stand out from the crowd. That’s where denim overalls come in! This beautiful denim piece works great with anything, starting from classic shirts to casual tees, from heels to sneakers. Today’s fashion includes overalls in loose-fit shape, tight ones, with or without straps, etc. Most women are afraid to buy this garment because they simply don’t know what to wear with it. The funny thing is that you can pair denim overalls with almost anything, including turtleneck, crop top, lace blouse, sweatshirt, etc.

Frankly speaking, there is nothing hard in wearing denim overalls with shirts, all you need is to make sure the top sits you right and there are no bulky details appearing on each side. A white shirt is going to look awesomely layered under dark blue denim overalls. You definitely should give a try to striped tops worn under denim onesies. If you want to look cool and trendy, then my advice is to pair denim overalls with a chambray shirt. I love to see women who complete their casual style with sexy heeled pumps, the result looks trendy and very special. So, why don’t you take a close-up view at the following outfit ideas to find your favorite look?

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