How To Style Off The Shoulder Tops

What can be better than wearing an off-the-shoulder top this Summer season? If there is one sexy trend which makes us wanna wear it from Mondays to Sundays, then it’s off-the-shoulder! I call it an ALLURING trend made for hot Summer days. You may call it sexy, but it does have an elegance touch which makes its wearer look appropriate for different occasions. It’s no wonder why it is so popular among bloggers and celebrities.

The exposed naked shoulders make you look hot and individual. Trust me, it’s much sexier than exposing your butt or boobs. I personally like this look for a very easy styling. You can wear it with sports clothes, as well as with super luxe garments. Make sure you pull down your top until exposed clavicle. You are free to choose whatever top style you want, starting from simple T-shirts to strappy, long-sleeve, fitted, loose-fit and blouse-like designs. I don’t like to make things complicated, that’s why I choose casual style by teaming a solid color top with jeans, shorts or suede skirts. My favorite one is a white off-shoulder top with denim shorts and jacket. Such tops are not appropriate for office wear, but you can still create office-inspired looks, by teaming a dressy off the shoulder blouse with high-rise pencil skirt or cigarette pants. I see lots of women who choose boho style outfits by picking yellow, or floral print ruffled off the shoulder tops with slit skirts or high-waist denim cut-offs.

This crispy white off-shoulder crop top with billowing silhouette ideally matches mid-rise blue jeans:

Have fun with a white off-shoulder ruffle top paired with blue chambray shorts:

Go wild and glamour by wearing an off-the-shoulder black romper. Add a sexy black choker to complete this look:

We see a pastel blue off-the-shoulder crop top teamed with denim cut-offs:

Go bright with yellow off-the-shoulder sundress. Complete it with black leather handbag and Birks:

This pinstripe white dress with long bell sleeves looks incredible:

This style is everywhere right now, so I don’t think there will be a problem for you to find a stylish off-the-shoulder top to create the one and only OOTD!

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