How To Mix Up Prints Next 2018

I am 100% sure every woman has at least one printed clothing staple in her closet. My mission for today is to show you best ways how to mix up prints in 2018. If you haven’t mixed up your favorite prints before, then it’s time to give this trend a try, as I see the comeback of bold prints this year. We see latest fashion collections, where ladies appear in mismatched separates, vibrant shoes and accessories. Clashing prints is pretty easy to do and even you can give it a try. Below are gathered some of my favorite street style ideas on how to mix up prints and look at your best.

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This game is pretty massive right now and I see everyone’s doing it. Sure, you are free to mix your favorite leopard print top with something neutral colored, like black or white, or blue, but you can brighten things up by adding another print, such as the same animal print, or classic black and white stripes. It’s not a big problem for modern ladies to bypass old style rules. The rules are made to be broken and mixing prints is a must-try in the fashion industry.

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Wearing outfits completed with mixed prints can make you look trendy, cool, luxe or sophisticated. You might think this trend is appropriate only for cocktail parties, or casual street walks, but what would you say if I tell you that mixed prints can actually work for office wear. Forget about two-tone or one color outfits for work, it’s time to wear mixed up prints on pencil skirts, suit jackets and blouses. Sure, lots of things depend on your office dress code, but I don’t think in a modern lifestyle we have strict rules in companies. Clashing prints in your work outfit can make you appear chic and fun, as well as pretty professional. BUT, never mix prints in a chaotic way, it may ruin the whole look.

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I highly recommend starting from mixing and matching prints according to colors and textures. It’s an awesome way to show your knowledge about style visual. Think about your outfit as something crazy. Make sure to put together your look by clashing similar colors. Then you can experiment with prints themselves. The similar textures can be updated with different prints and colors, by wearing a skirt in one print and blouse in another. If you are looking for the easiest way to don mixed prints, then be sure to give a try to stripes. Yes, this might be the easiest choice for mixing up with other prints, like florals, tropicals, checks, polka dots, animal pattern or even graphics. Speaking of florals, then I do recommend to give it a try. Have fun with it, by mixing with other florals, tropical accents, graphics or dots. Animal print can be pretty easy to pair with other prints, like stripes, checks, florals, etc. Just free your imagination! The last but certainly not least are checks. They can be paired with other plaids, stripes, and dots.

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