How To Look Great In Oversized Scarves

In today’s story, I am going to tell you ways how to wear oversized scarves. I also have cool street style images of women who appear in the town wearing all kinds of cool scarves. Every style looks incredibly chic and sophisticated. As you can see from these pics, there are lots of ways how to make this accessory look great on you, starting from draping it over one shoulder, wearing it around your neck, leaving ends hanging down, etc. There are numerous ways how to tie an oversized scarf around your neck, that’s why take a close-up look through these images.

Oversized Scarves 2018 (1)

You are free to wear a blanket scarf as a poncho, make it look like a shawl or a collar, but you do need to find the one and only scarf that can suit your personality and make you look awesome. The bigger the better, just know your limit! Winter is pretty cold and I am the one who wants to keep her neck in warm place. Sure, it might be not so easy to pull off such scarf for the first time, but once you get used to it, nothing can stop you looking fabulous! A large scarf is a finishing touch that can never ruin your outfit. How to master the oversized scarf look you might ask me. Well, as I already mentioned, you better keep your neck in a safe place, so grab a scarf and pull over your shoulders, that’s it, you’re done and look like a cool Parisian chic girl.

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Anyway, there are two ways how to make the big scarf look great on you: drape it over your shoulders, or tie it up around your neck. With what to wear oversized scarves? With anything you want, starting from layering your pullovers, leather jackets or wool coats. Just one more tip before you take a tour through these awesome street style images: the oversized scarf should be worn with heels. Why? This way you can balance the whole outfit. Think of classic heeled pumps, chunky heel ankle boots, etc. The last thing, I am a big fan of heavy knitted chunky scarves, they are my favorites and the main obsession right now. Give them a try!

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