How To Layer In Winter 2017-2018

It’s time to layer yourself in cozy clothes, in order to be ready for upcoming Winter 2018. It’s an important aspect for women who want to feel comfort and not getting flu.

An oversized cable-knit red sweater looks bulky, but it can be easily teamed with blue classic jeans and cable-knit beanie in cream gray color with a fur pom-pom.

I am talking about wearing two sweaters at the time or keeping a jacket on layered over cozy knitwear. You better stay warm and keep your outfit trendy by looking through these simple street style images of women layered in different clothes. Trust me, there is nothing hard in staying warm and looking sophisticated, all you need is to know some secrets of layering.

A bodysuit is an ideal base layer. It can be worn with pretty much anything:

All in one! How abut adding all possible lauyers to your outfit. Keep it simple and heavy:

Go for a charcoal coat and drape it over black leather jacket worn over silken elongated button-down shirt:

Shearling coat can be draped over abstract print jacket. Wear this layering look with a red blouse and blue skinny jeans:

You can layer this khaki brown turtleneck under V-neck pinafore dress in black color:

A velvet maroon bodysuit with long sleeves looks very seventies inspired:

A perfect coat and cozy sweater is always a fun combination:

Turtleneck looks incredibly chic worn under spaghetti strap dresses:

A knitted cardigan can be layered over high-neck cozy sweater teamed with blue jeans:

Use fur scarf to pair it with a black belted coat:

How To Layer In Winter?

First of all, it’s all about wearing knits. I recommend starting from sporting two sweaters at the time. You might find this combo ridiculous, but it does work great. You will need a slim fit sweater made of thin fabric and layer it with a thick cardigan, turtleneck or cable-knit sweater. My personal advice is to keep both sweaters in the same color palette, let it be nude, gray, navy, or soft blue. If you are not into knitwear layering, then go for two jackets. This will make you look more sophisticated. You will need a spring season outerwear piece and winter jacket. For instance, a leather or denim jacket can be worn under long coat or fur coat. I do recommend to play with textures and length. I do like to wear long trenches under bulky fur jackets. By the way, some of the best ways to keep things in place are to wear bodysuits. This one-piece garment can be ultra sexy, as you can go for the one with sexy cut, nude color, made of lace or the one with front buttons. This is a base layer and ideal for creating a perfect layered look. Another great style to choose is a turtleneck. It can be made of cozy knits or cotton. I do like this style for its high neck, as I sometimes forget my scarf at home. I usually wear it with 1970’s inspired pieces, like flared jeans, shearling coats, or shift dresses. If you like taking risks, then how about layering all these cool outfit ideas all at once, by wearing bodysuit with a fitted turtleneck, sweater, cardigan, denim jacket and cozy coat. Looks and feel posh!

Emerald coat can be layered over black leather jacket. Add navy turtleneck and orange trousers:

Keep it cool with a cream jacket embellished with fur details. Add black turtleneck and army green skinny pants:

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