How To Dress In Boho Style, Like Jamie Kidd of The Blogging Jay

Let’s talk about boho style and how to wear it. Today I decided to share with you great looks from Jamie Kidd of The Blogging Jay, who is not only a social media influencer and blogger but also a very beautiful lady. She has gorgeous hair locks and sweet smile. Her authentic style is versatile and ladylike. Below are gathered my favorite looks that make Jamie special and can easily make her stand out from the crowd.

Boho Style 2018 (1)

I highly recommend to take a real close look at these magnificent boho looks and draw some inspiration. I love to see her wearing matching separates, like that front-tied crop top with long sleeves and mini shorts that look vintage, or printed maxi dresses with high slits, or lightweight blouses tucked in blue denim shorts. What really caught my eyes is the ability to make accessories easily adjust to her outfits. Like a white headband is worn with a light burgundy short dress, or a brimmed hat teamed with a black lace dress completed with a statement necklace and a vintage belt, or a leopard skinny belt is worn with a black jumpsuit. Every single look is statement and individual.

Boho Style 2018 (2)

Boho Style 2018 (3)

Boho Style 2018 (4)

Boho Style 2018 (5)

Boho Style 2018 (6)

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