High Gladiator Sandals Are Back In Style Next 2018

We experience the invasion of high-gladiator sandals this 2018. I am so in love with all these retro-futuristic shoes and today I want you to see how to make the maximum out of this footwear. Sure, this is not something new, as we’ve already seen them around two or three years ago, and now is the comeback of these shoes. High Gladiators come in different styles and colors, from classic brown and black to super chic embroidered, gold and silver versions. Why do we love them so much? They are super easy to wear, style and pair. Scroll down to see how to style and wear these shoes in real life.

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I am a big fan of strappy Greek style sandals, they look dramatic and sexy, plus they are extremely comfy to wear on the streets and anywhere else. They resemble the Ancient fashion and can be dressed up and down in seconds. You can find them in different designs and textures, including the ones with high heels, buckled, printed, knee-high styles with straps, futuristic cuts, and metallic details. Forget about fashion boundaries and give this footwear a try! I do recommend to give a try to knee-high gladiator sandals, as they can be teamed with pretty much everything, starting from denim cut-offs to maxi gowns, in other words saying, you are free to wear them with whatever you love. You can start from ankle-high gladiator sandals and then experiment with extravagant versions. Now, if you decided to try them on, then you definitely should know some basic looks you can create with such footwear. The favorite style is boho chic look. This is all about creativity and comfort. Go for flat gladiator sandals and pair them with flirty dresses, cropped tees, slouchy blouses, and lightweight jackets. This look can be updated with boho-inspired accessories, like creative jewelry, vintage bags, fedoras, etc. If you are more into sexy and evening look, then be sure to try something daring and posh. Go for heeled gladiator sandals and pair them with silken shorts or trousers. They look incredibly hot with cocktail dresses, as well as with maxi gowns with side high-slits. Sure, you can always pair such footwear with skinny jeans! I would like to know your own thoughts about this funky trend. Tell me what you think about this 2018 look.

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