Fur Coats You Should Invest In This Winter

Yes, we are here to talk about fur coats and you better read the whole article to know which style is trendy this Winter. I am telling you, I became obsessed with vintage fur coats that look 1970’s inspired. This year we see a comeback of brown, nude, beige and camel colored versions in over-the-knee and hip-length designs. Why do women love fur coats so much? It’s both super luxurious and versatile.

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The length of the fur coat varies from midi to short one. I would recommend to wear long styles for special events and keep things short for street walks and everyday wear.

Nowadays, you don’t have to pair it with voguish dresses or power suits, just make sure you wear tidy clothing underneath. You can be inspired by such celebrities, like Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker or Kate Moss, they all have that cool and super sophisticated style.

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Fur coats look great with pretty much anything. I know women who wear only black and white underneath vintage fur coats, but I think every color can be paired with a fur coat. Fur coats look fabulous with just about any color or print. I personally used to wear this outerwear with urban essentials, like jeans and sweatshirts. I am telling you, the result looks fantastic and easy to wear.

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At the beginning of my post, I was telling about vintage fur coats and you might ask me why vintage. Vintage feel makes any clothing staple look unique and special. Plus, you can easily wear during the day or night, with casual or dressy looks. Today’s fashion offers real and faux furs, so you are free to choose whatever design you like. I do love to see women wearing vintage coats over slip dresses completed with stiletto sandals. If you are looking for the best winter look completed with such a cool coat, then it can be something like thigh-high boots, sexy dress or skinny jeans with a sweater layered under your gorgeous fur creation.

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