Fruit Print: Simple Looks To Copy

Pineapples, Avocados, Watermelon, and other fruits! Today I am going to show you fruit printed simple outfit ideas. This trend is pretty massive right now and you better know how to wear it. We still love florals and geometric prints, but healthy food is something new what might stay for a long time! Sure, it’s not a new trend, as we have already seen fruits on clothes from Dolce and Gabanna, Prada, Chanel, and others, but this year every retailer is gone crazy with fruits.

Fruits Print 2018 (1)

We see a sleeveless shirt printed in fruits mixed with jungle motifs tucked in high-waisted dark blue denim pants.

Fashion food movement is everywhere around, starting from dresses, tops, jackets, skirts, and trousers to shoes and jewelry (even nail-polish). How to wear pineapples and avocado print? Have fun, the sky is the limit. Make sure to create a vibrant look to underline your femininity and uniqueness. Let this year get a little juicy by making fruits look awesome on you. Look for cartoon lemons, bananas, oranges, apples, and everything in between. I do think this vibrant-colored food can be something you really need this 2018!

This is a beautiful jumpsuit with spaghetti straps. It is printed in pink florals and green jungle motif:

Fruits Print 2018 (2)

Fruits Print 2018 (3)

Fruits Print 2018 (4)

Fruits Print 2018 (5)

If you think this lemon and orange printed skirt looks too much girlish, then you should add some edgy touches, like a black leather biker vear, peep-toe black leather booties and V-neck white T-shirt:

Fruits Print 2018 (6)

Have fun with lemon print by wearing this cool set of a sweatshirt and pyjama pants:

Fruits Print 2018 (7)

Avocado printed white T-shirt is tucked in high-waisted blue leather skirt:

Fruits Print 2018 (8)

Another eye-catchy lemon printed outfit which consists of matching sets, like a short sleeve top and high-waisted pants. By the way, a girl who nearby to this woman appears in polka dot outfit which consists of a white blouse with black polka dots and multi polka dot skirt:

Fruits Print 2018 (9)

Pineapple printed baseball hat in white color is ideal for creating cool urban outfits:

Fruits Print 2018 (10)

Avocado printed socks in stripes look sweet, fun and girlish:

Fruits Print 2018 (11)

Yellow lemon print sundress in white color is ideal for beach walks and summer getaways:

Fruits Print 2018 (12)

Avocado printed T-shirt can be styled with denim, shorts, or kimonos:

Fruits Print 2018 (13)

Lemon printed white midi skirt looks pretty chic and sophisticated. Wear it with a green sweater and emerald green biker jacket draped over shoulders. Love the ways this woman wears socks with pumps. By the way, I have a post describing this trend, have a look by clicking this link:

Fruits Print 2018 (14)

A sexy pair of white shorts in pineapple print. Simple and girlish design:

Fruits Print 2018 (15)

Fruits Print 2018 (16)

Pineapple addicted lady! Have fun with this print:

Fruits Print 2018 (17)

Fruits Print 2018 (18)

Fruits Print 2018 (19)

Fruits Print 2018 (20)

Fruits Print 2018 (21)

Fruits Print 2018 (23)

Fruits Print 2018 (24)

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