Fringes Are Back In Style

They are back with vengeance! Today’s story is dedicated to fringes trend and how to wear it. The first fringes appeared in ancient times when tribes used to wear it as skirts, but fashion world first showed us this beautiful embroidery in 1920 during the Jazz Age. Women used to wear such embroidery on their shawled dresses during their dances to make their moves look sexier. They came back during 1990’s with fringed T-shirts and tank tops. I personally used to wear such decorating detail during Summer months. In today’s fashion world we see fringes embroidery on clothes, bags, shoes, and jewelry. It has spread on everything.

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Sure, those of you who are not familiar with such sophisticated embroidery might start from embellished accessories and shoes. Go for fringed pumps or sandals and pair them with elegant outfits, or keep things casual with fringed ankle boots and denim shorts or skinnies. If you are not a big fan of this trend, then you might like to try fringed jewelry, like a fabulous necklace that can be worn with dresses, jumpsuits or evening blouses.

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