Fanny Packs For Women With Attitude

Fanny packs are awesome and today I bring you this terrific street style collection of women who look ridiculously awesome wearing fanny packs. Why is this bag popular right now? First of all, it’s incredibly functional, as you can walk down the street with free hands, as everything is packed in your fanny pack which is effortlessly placed on your waist. Second, it looks pretty cool with our everyday clothes. Sure, you need swag to rock this bag on your way to work or party. You have to be a self-confident person, otherwise you risk to look like a lost tourist. Below are gathered some of the best outfit ideas with a fanny pack, so take a tour through these looks and tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

Fanny Packs For Women (1)

Do we really need fanny packs back in fashion, or is it just a creepy trend that will disappear next year? Are there any don’t or fashion faux pas things with this bag? Alright, already! Hold your horses, as I am going to answer all your questions right away! So, it’s pretty clear, fanny packs are going to stay in fashion for a pretty long time and they might become a fashion staple for a very long time. Today’s fashion offers fanny bags in sleek, reinvented and redesigned shapes made of leather and suede materials. The result looks sophisticated and professional. It’s pretty hard to rock them in a chic way, but everything is possible, so you better look at these ideas to make things clear on how to make them look incredibly chic on yourself. I love to see women creating 1990’s inspired looks completed with fanny packs. This tiny little bag that looks like belts around the waist can actually compliment your skirt, dress or pants. Just make sure you create a perfect balance. You can find lots of beautiful designs to try this year, starting from geek to sporty, cool and kitsch styles. I personally love keeping things simple, by wearing my fanny pack with a classic pair of jeans, solid neutral color tee and leather jacket. Simple, but voguish. This can be named as an IT bag of this year.

Make a wow statement with a camouflage print dress worn with cool sneakers and an animal print fanny pack! Or keep all your look in one neutral color, like black. I recommend to start with elegant styles and try on a camel knitted cape by layering it over white blouse teamed with black skinny pants and black pointed-toe pumps. Complete this look with a black fanny pack:

Fanny Packs For Women (2)

A gorgeous fanny pack can be teamed with urban essentials, like a blue pullover, gray skinnies and tweed coat. I love to see women who manage place fanny pack over gray tailored car coat:

Fanny Packs For Women (3)

Fanny pack teamed with a white maxi gown and a wide-brim black sun hat is a perfect choice! Go for an athleisure inspired look by teaming white long-sleeve fitted top with striped shorts and sporty bra top, don’t forget to add a black leather fanny pack over shorts:

Fanny Packs For Women (4)

All white look complemented with a black leather fanny pack, a perfect style for sophisticated women:

Fanny Packs For Women (5)

Chambray shirt, white jeans, and brown fanny pack, simple and easy to style:

Fanny Packs For Women (6)

Fanny Packs For Women (7)

Fanny Packs For Women (8)

Fanny Packs For Women (9)

Fanny Packs For Women (10)

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