Cream Pastel Clothing Trend For Next 2018 Summer

I will have pastel ice cream, please! Looking for new Summer 2018 trends to follow next year, then I am here to share with you pastel color outfit ideas in baby blue, cream white and light pink hues. I am not saying we didn’t wear these colors before, they just became more popular in recent months and nowadays they are pretty massive.

Cream Pastel Outfits 2018 (1)

A lovely light blue biker jacket ideally suits white shirt tucked in frayed denim shorts. Add blue heeled sandals and black leather tote bag to make things look special and chic.

Fashion offers fabulous pastel hues with somewhat retro style details. Just imagine yourself in 1950’s inspired outfits colored in bubble gum pastels, the result is pretty fantastic. By the way, pastels suit almost every color skin, but you still need to find the one that works best for you. Today’s fashion offers fabulous dresses, two piece outfits, cool jumpsuits and suits colored in sweet pastel hues. The key is to pick either a classic clothing set or keep things trendy made of high-quality fabrics. I personally wear pastel tops with denim bottoms, like jeans, denim shorts or skirts. Pastel dresses work great for offices, as well as for beach walks on weekends. I am telling you, I am sold on these pastels. Try to mix up different pastel colors, so you create a funky look. So, what are you waiting for, get inspired by these creative street style images:

Pastel pink shirt is tucked in high-waisted light blue trousers. Add statement sunglasses and white socks tucked in strappy sandals:

Cream Pastel Outfits 2018 (2)

Pastel pink sleeveless tailored coat can be teamed with pink mannish shoes, but I love to see women who create girlish looks when they go for a pink lace dress with a matching color shoulder bag. But you are free to try on pastel accessories for a start, like this pastel blue wide-brim fedora hat:

Cream Pastel Outfits 2018 (3)

Cream Pastel Outfits 2018 (4)

A light pink shirt-dress cinched at the waist with a strappy pink belt is styled with a small pink handbag and cute sandals. This is a nice look for street walks in the town:

Cream Pastel Outfits 2018 (5)

If you want to create a more relaxed look, then how about going for loose-fit clothes. You will need a slouchy top and culottes, make them both in pink color. Underline your uniqueness by adding rounded sunglasses, big clutch, and ankle-strap black heeled sandals:

Cream Pastel Outfits 2018 (10)

Pastel pink coat can be draped over white top with bell sleeves:

Cream Pastel Outfits 2018 (9)

Make things look edgy. Try on pale pink T-shirt and tuck it inside black leather skirt. Add rounded sunglasses and a miniature clutch bag with a chain strap:

Cream Pastel Outfits 2018 (8)

We see a classic cream white coat draped over ribbed knit sweater tucked in cream beige midi pencil skirt. Underline your athleisure spirit by adding cool crispy white sneakers:

Cream Pastel Outfits 2018 (7)

Robe-gown in pastel pink color looks lightweight and uber feminine:

Cream Pastel Outfits 2018 (11)

Cream Pastel Outfits 2018 (12)

Mint green Teddy Bear belted coat looks awesome with blue jeans and white kicks:

Cream Pastel Outfits 2018 (13)

White T-shirt can be styled with high-waisted shortened trousers in light pinbk color. This is a good combo for casual day offs:

Cream Pastel Outfits 2018 (14)

Cream Pastel Outfits 2018 (15)

Light pink embroidered dress with 3/4 sleeves looks tailored and ladylike:

Cream Pastel Outfits 2018 (6)

Cream Pastel Outfits 2018 (16)

Cream Pastel Outfits 2018 (17)

Cream Pastel Outfits 2018 (18)

A kind of retro touch is felt in this outfit. We see a cream white T-shirt, pastel blue lightweight skirt in cool prints and purple pumps:

Cream Pastel Outfits 2018 (19)

A lovely light blue jumpsuit looks very 1970’s inspired:

Cream Pastel Outfits 2018 (20)

Another sporty inspired look for ladies who like tennis:

Cream Pastel Outfits 2018 (21)

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