Converse All Star Trainers To Try In 2018

This 100-year-old pair of shoes will be your next go-to footwear in the upcoming week. Yes, today we are here to talk about Converse All Star trainers and you better be ready to give these shoes a try, as they gonna rock this 2018. I find these trainers to be one of the most iconic styles in the world. Anyway, we are here to see legendary ways how to make this footwear look awesome on you. Get inspired by the following street style images:

All navy pantsuit with shortened trousers is complemented with a black turtleneck and classic Converse black trainers.

As you already know, these trainers are unisex and they are suitable for both men and women. It’s no wonder why we see so many celebrity stars wearing these shoes. You can even notice them on the red carpet, where ladies appear in stylish dresses completed with cool Converse All Star. But the best place to wear them is the streets. You will need a casual outfit which will underline your individuality. I personally love the fact that there have been a few changes made to these sneakers. It’s like drinking Coca-Cola, it doesn’t change its taste and that’s why we love it so much! Do you dig it? Trust me, this style will never come to an end! Keep an eye on the ways how to wear this trendy footwear.

As you can see, many celebrities like to appear on the red carpet wearing Converse shoes:

Converse are unisex, and you are free to wear them with pretty much anything, starting from dresses to mannish separates:

Let your boho spirit out! You will need a shearling coat, lightweight floral maxi gown and purple high-top trainers:

White fluffy lace dress and blue trainers is a good start:

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