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Feel the vibration of next 2018, as I am here to talk about Coachella! This is a music and fashion event of next Summer, so why don’t you put your job troubles away and create a fabulous, and relaxing Coachella outfit. You don’t need to buy tickets, you can enjoy Coachella vibes during weekends. Anyway, the dress code of such event is pretty simple: all you need is to be yourself. Look for free and wild clothes that can underline your personality and give you an unforgettable look!

Coachella Trend 2018 (1)

I recommend studying celebs, models and musician people outfits that they used to wear in previous Coachellas. You are free to mix up different looks creating your own outfit. Coachella is a part of fashion, so it’s important to make things look chic for you. First of all, find a perfect hat. Look for something original and unique. Try fedoras, floppy hats, or even beret. Next thing is a knitwear. A long sweater or cardigan will protect your body from the sun during hot days and keep you warm during the cool night. Be prepared for the cold and hot weather, so you definitely should carry extra outfit in your pack. Don’t be shy mixing and matching various patterns and colors, it’s all about mixing abstract styles creating bohemian looks. Have fun, that’s all you need to a start. Think of cut-offs, skinny or wide-leg jeans, creative hats, like fedoras, berets, floppy hats, tunics, boyfriend T-shirts, punk-inspired details and rock band tees. I love to see boho chic versus punk rock looks with a kind of I don’t care attitude. So, what are you waiting for, take a close-up look through these images and see what’s trending next 2018!

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