Chokers Are Sexy As Never Before

Get yourself together, as I am here to show you my favorite ways how to wear sexy chokers next year! If you think this trend is meant for little girls, then you are not right, as grown-ups can rock this sexy accessory in many sexy ways. If you still wondering, then hear me loud, as chokers have no age limit. Yes, you got me right, I am talking about all those BDSM inspired looks you can easily create with this pretty accessory. This trend is making its comeback and you better know ways how to wear it in real life!

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Today’s fashion offers lots of different choker designs, including black thin straps with dangling pendants or embroideries, or golden statement designs, chunky or skinny ones. Sure, if you are over 40, then you better go for a classic choker that looks less sultry. You better avoid things you wore in your 30s, otherwise, you risk to look ridiculous. Anyway, fashion does have lots of interesting items to offer and you better see how things work before making any purchases. First of all, you need to figure out what design is going to look great on you, then I recommend to style things right, what clothes you should add to create a fully balanced outfit. You can start from grunge inspired choker. It can be thin, wide, black or brown with or without a pendant, tied tightly or loosely placed around your neck. I do love to see grunge inspired chokers that are worn around neck together with other chokers. You can wear such style with bustier tops, tank tops, tight crop tops or tees. That’s why I recommend such look for ladies from 20 to 30. Go for lace or leather style choker and mix it with other necklaces, I am telling you, the result is going to be terrific! Make a sexy vibe by wearing such choker with a sophisticated blouse and jeans. By the way, such a simple addition can draw everyone’s attention to your face!

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If you are more into statement look, then how about wearing a sophisticated choker-jewelry? You need a fabulous choker that can easily make you stand out from the crowd. Today’s fashion offers incredible designs that look gorgeous and easily make any outfit look special and unique. You can find thin ones that feature beautiful embellishments and stones. I am so obsessed with all those gorgeous and rich jewelry chokers that make a huge comeback this year. You can also create layered looks with such amazing chokers. So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired!

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